Thursday, November 13, 2008

Triplets, 8 Days Old

MatthewMommy Kangaroo holding Matthew (most wonderful feeling holding my baby skin to skin!!)Daddy Kangaroo holding Emily
11/12: Wednesday - I am not having a good day today. My incision is hurting quite a bit or actually above and below the incision. So, our day started by calling my OB and trying to get in to see her immediately. I got an appt but I am a walk in and a long wait is anticipated. We left the house shortly after 9am and waited almost 2 hours before being seen. The doctor didn't see anything hugely significant except a minor 'something' on the incision. Not an infection 'yet' but a possibility of one. So, she put me on antibiotics. She also advised me to go back on the pain meds 2 every 4 hrs. I was only taking one and my pain was not being managed well! We picked up my prescription and then headed to the hospital to see our little ones. Upon arrival in the NICU our doctors wanted to meet with us and give us a briefing. We got a complete update on all three babies!! Overall, they are doing wonderful! Because we did not get to the hospital until after lunch we stayed until 7pm tonight! Even then, it was hard to leave!! It seems that when I am with my babies, I can not feel pain!!! I got to Kangaroo with Matthew. Kangaroo holding is skin-to-skin and highly encouraged for Premies!!!
Important Updates:
Matthew is OFF his IV fluids! This is amazing!!! Huge progress!! Way to go Matthew!!!

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