Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Triplets, 7 Days Old

Austin, 7 Days Old---Happy Birthday Daddy! Matthew, 7 Days Old---Happy Birthday Daddy!!Emily, 7 Days Old---Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
11/11: Tuesday - Today is Rob's Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!!! We arrived at the hospital and upon looking at the babies we discovered that the babies were off the cpac. The nurses were so excited to share the news with us!! (This is the little mask that was opening their airways and allowing their lungs to stregthen!!) Oh, my---this is so exciting that all three are off of this!! They are breathing room air on their own without any kind of assistance and they are 31 weeks today!!! What a pleasant surprise and a great birthday present for my sweetie!! We could not be happier!!! I am feeling lots of pain still from yesterday's procedure but nothing can keep me away from the hospital and spending time with my babies!!! The power of prayer is amazing!!!
Important Updates:
* Emily lost her belly button today. The nurse saved for us in a small ziploc!
*All three OFF CPAC and breathing on their own!

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