Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Triplets, 15 Days Old

11/19: The babies are doing well. Austin graduated to wearing pjs like his brother Matthew and sister Emily. They are now wearing matching giraffe pjs!! They look so cute! Austin is still wearing his canula to help him regulate his breathing and is doing much better! I held Austin first this morning--when we arrived he was wide awake waiting for mommy! He is so adorable!!! Emily came next. She woke up right before feeding time! I am so glad I am still keeping up with milk production! Seems scary to run out of supply and have to turn to formula but I am doing my best!! Please pray for this too as I am hoping to keep breastfeeding our three babies as long as possible! Emily is so fashionable in her pink pjs! She is just too cute for words! She is very alert and when you talk to her she follows your voice! Smart girl we have!! Matthew is still having 'episodes' with his breathing. He had several while we were at the hospital today. They simply get too comfy and forget to breath! Let me tell you--the doctors and nurses say it isn't a big deal and that this is perfectly normal for premie babies but when my baby stops breathing--IT IS a BIG deal! Of course I freak out!!! The doctor said he will outgrow this and he just needs a little more time for his little lungs to develop. All three babies have mild breathing 'episodes' at this time! As for us, Rob packed us a lunch and we took 15 min to go eat outside and catch our breath as this was a trying morning but overall we are doing well! It does get emotionally draining. Please continue to keep us in prayer!! Oh, and making the BIG news of the day---Emily graduated to a crib!!! She was able to maintain her body temperature so she no longer needs the incubator! Way to go my baby GIRL!!! She is awesome!!! We are so proud of her!!! We hope that this doesn't change but we know that if she needs the incubator again, it's okay.......We also had to file our agricultural tax appraisal paperwork today (property in TX) so I filled out this morning and we had to stop at the Mililani post office to certify our paperwork and mail! We are starting to make lists of things we have to get done. It is so easy to put everything aside when we have three beautiful babies waiting for us everyday!!!
Austin-I feel so much better today!!! Swelling has gone down!!I get pj's today! don't I look better with clothes on!?Matthew sleeping!Emily no longer in incubator! YAY! My #1 Admirer!! Important Updates:
Austin Weighed in at 3 lbs 9 oz
Matthew weighed in at 3 lbs 8 oz
Emily weighed in at 3 lbs 12 oz


Anonymous said...

Way to go babies. Each day you change and grow. It is great. Girls rule though. Look at that Emily. Those brothers are going to have to watch out for her. I have a feeling it could be mighty interesting at your house Rob and Nellie. Hey, Christy can teach Emily to play soccer!! Hurray!! I bet she will even teach the boys as well.

Christy and Randy said...

I am so happy that all of the babies are doing so well. They are so precious and they look very stylish in their PJ's. Make sure and give them hugs from thier Aunt Christy, and of course I will teach them to play soccer and buy them the nosiest toys I can find! Miss you all and can't wait to see you in a few months.

Anonymous said...

That crazy girl Christy. When she has her own children, she would not buy the noisy toys. Keep on feeding them so well Nellie. I think your milk agrees with the way they are growing and filling out. Connie VH

Anonymous said...

We celebrate these miraculous miletones of progress with you!
The heavens will continue to be filled with our prayers for these sweet little gifts from God.
They are so darling! * Lydia, our four year old daughter and a prayer warrior for your sweet babies, is so pleased to see them all finally in pj's.

The Kim's
Calvin, Brenda, and Lydia

Anonymous said...

Nellie go to this blog. This is one of my former preschool parents. She turned her blog into a book. Scroll way down her page till you get to the place where she talks about it and you can see the start of the book. She used
Connie VH