Saturday, February 9, 2008


FEB 2008: We finally made it to Montana!!! Montana is a beautiful state! The in-laws are wonderful, loving people! I am so glad that we finally made it to visit with them. It was snowing when we arrived and it remained quite cold the whole time we were there. It did not matter. We had such a fantastic time sharing and getting to know each other. My father- in-law sure can tell stories! I really understand where Rob gets his storytelling from!!! :) For me, it was a trip of a lifetime! I had always wanted to know more about Rob and his childhood and my in-laws were great at sharing all kinds of tidbits of information!! I think they like me....hehe....We also were able to visit with our dog, BO! Bo actually recognized us! It was so cool!!! He slept with us on the bed every night!!!

Mom, Dad and the little One!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Background Information

NOV 2005: We had our first in-vitro. Unfortunately, it was not successful. Very hard to think about now.
FEB 2006: We moved to Hawaii. Upon arriving we discovered that Rob would be deploying JUL 2006. We tried to see a doctor immediately but we just could not get it all in before he deployed. So, the baby making "scheme" was put on hold.
27 JUL 2006: Rob was deployed for a very long 15 months!
OCT 2007: Rob returns from Iraq. We immediately started consulting with our doctor!
NOV 2007: Our Second In-vitro. Right before New Year's Eve, the test came back---negative. I was in shock! I just did not want to believe that we had failed at this again. We had implanted 3 very good and healthy embryos!! I was in a slump for a few weeks but knew that I had to snap out of it. The doctor told us that my body had to recover from all the fertility drugs for a few months before we tried again.
FEB 2008: We went on vacation to Montana and Texas. We both needed a break.
MAR 2008: Start preparing for our 3rd in-vitro.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Long Road

This blog is a long time coming. I just didnt want to put it in writing until we had finished our treatment.
Yes, it has been a long and hard road for us to travel but we are very happy and eager to share all of our news with all of our friends and family!