Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

12/25: Merry Christmas! What an amazing Christmas! We are so blessed this year to have our three little babies in our lives. I always thought we would have a baby but we have been blessed beyond our expectations! Austin, Matthew and Emily enrich our lives each and every day! I thank our Good Lord for giving us the most amazing blessings! We are also blessed that this year we hosted Christmas. Not everyone was able to come but my older sister, Norma and her family came along with my Mother! It truly was great to have them here with us!! Christmas dinner was delicious! Rob cooked a beautiful ham and a juicy turkey breast! It was so yummy!! We invited Christy and Randy for Christmas dinner. She made spinach/artichoke dip and green bean casserole to add to the enormous amounts of food we had! We all had a great time and ate very well!
Christmas Morning
Merry Christmas Austin!
Around the tree!
Merry Christmas Emily!
Merry Christmas Matthew!
Merry Christmas Norma! I gave her a puppet show set!
The cutest puppet!
Merry Christmas Ale!!
Merry Christmas Robe!
Merry Christmas Norma! I searched high and low for this Susan Boyle CD!
Merry Christmas Nellie! Yes, Rob got me a Wii FIT! HA!
Feliz Navidad, Mami! So happy that my mom was able to come visit!
Emily waiting for her next gift!
Merry Christmas MOMMY!
Rob and Alejandra playing Wii after Christmas breakfast!
Christmas Dinner
My Mom, Norma, Robe and Matthew
Robe, Matthew, Rob and Emily
Mom and Norma
Christy and Alejandra
Christy and Randy
Austin fell asleep during dinner. So sweet.
Norma and Nellie

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visiting SANTA!

12/22: Well we finally went to take Austin, Matthew and Emily to visit with Santa! They had a great time! Santa was wonderful! The Peas also enjoyed the candy canes! Yes, I let them eat them!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cold Saturday!

12/19: We are just having a relaxing Saturday it is too cold and wet to go anywhere! Rob is in "pit"letting babies crawl all over him! FUN!
Matthew always looks like he is up to something!
Emily and Austin with Dad!
Austin loves to smile for the camera!! CHEESE!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas 2009

12/12: Getting ready for Christmas! It has been very wet here and we were hoping for a nice day so we could all go pick out our Christmas tree together. It hasn't cleared up so we finally decided that Rob would go alone to buy our tree. Mommy stayed home and discovered my little ones could indeed be elves!
Austin: Elf #1 Looking on as Austin wears Elf hat!
Emily trying on Elf hat!
Mommy with her 3 beautiful Elves!!
Dad arrives with Christmas Tree! Yay!
The Peas were very curious!!!
Rob with Tree
Decorating Tree!!
Our Angel topper!
Mom decorating Tree with Austin, Matthew and Emily as an audience!!
This is fun!
Our beautiful children! Emily, Matthew and Austin!Our Second Christmas!
Our Beautiful Christmas Tree: Christmas 2009