Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cargo Van VS Mustang Convertible

7/29: A little over a year ago, I was rear-ended for the first time on the H-1. My bumper was mangled! I made an appt to get my car repaired. The afternoon I dropped my car off, Enterprise was supposed to pick me up to get a rental. Enterprise "forgot" my pick-up. After calling them, they finally picked me up. We went to their offices and to my surprise, they did NOT have a car for me! It was late in the afternoon, it was hot and all I wanted was to go home. I told them that I would take whatever they had and they said they had nothing. I said, you are Enterprise, how can you not have something. The guy smirked and said well, we have a cargo van but it's big...I said to him, I will take it. He was a bit shocked but I just wanted to go home. Yes, I got a huge cargo van. No seats inside except the driver and passenger seats. No windows. Just a big, industrial cargo van.
Why am I telling you this now? Well, because I got rear-ended again a few weeks ago. My car was set for repairs. This time, Rob said he would take care of the Honda. So, the morning he drops of the Honda for repairs he calls me. He says, guess what they gave me for a rental? I was expecting a small compact since insurance is paying. He says, NO, I got a mustang convertible. I got a cargo van and they give Rob a mustang convertible...hmmmmmmm
We did enjoy taking a drive up to North Shore with the top down. Actually, on our drive up we just had to pull over. We saw the most amazing full rainbow!!!
Some people have all the luck!

Monday, July 28, 2008


28 JUL: We are now at 16 weeks and it seems that my belly has grown tremendously in the last 24 hours. Rob says it's been growing and that I have been in denial.

Our babies at 16 wks:
* Fat begins to form underneath skin, providing your baby with insulation for the coming months.
* Both baby and placenta are now about the same size?
* Our little ones have reached 4.57 inches (11.6cm) and approximately 3.53 ounces (100gm).
* Heads and necks are held straighter now.
* This is a week of "mights!" You might hear the tiny thumps of his heartbeat with an external monitor now.
* Hearts are pumping as much as 6 gallons of blood a day and beats are at a rate about double your heartrate.
* Their reflexes are in action! (Sucking, swallowing and blinking are now evident and are probably even hiccuping even though it isn't felt yet!
* The Babies have learned to breathe! It's amazing that they are able to breathe "underwater," inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid? These actions help the lungs to develop and grow.

New Friends

27 JUL: Today we met our friends Rada and Bryan for lunch. We originally met them at our doctor's office. They are also expecting multiples. Twins--a Boy and a Girl. It's always nice to talk to someone who shares the same experiences that we are going through!!! We had a wonderful lunch filled with great conversation!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gift Registry

26 JUL: So many of you have been asking us when we will register. So, we have finally registered for the babies!! Our registry is through WALMART and! You can access it by either using Nellie Walter or Rob Walter, State: Hawaii and due date: November 2008. We thank every one of you for your continued support and prayers!! Every email, comment on our blog and phone call is deeply appreciated!!! The website can be found at:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our First Big Purchase - Our Triple Stroller

25 JUL: We have made our FIRST item purchase!!! Well, we haven't really purchased it yet--we have ordered it!! Okay, I have to tell you--Rob was giddy yesterday!! He was so excited to make our first purchase!!! After reading many reviews, we decided to order a Peg Perego Triple Stroller , 2008 model! We only had a choice of two colors, midnight blue or toffee. We ordered the toffee. We also ordered the Peg Perego baby seats that match and will snap into the stroller.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Roses and Balloons from Rob

23 JUL: Yesterday we found out that we are having TWO boys and ONE girl!!! Rob is ecstatic to say the least. Yes, the girls will be outnumbered. One of the first things Rob said to me when we were leaving the hospital was, "I have my hunting buddies!" I am happy to say the least. I spent the whole day smiling today!!! When I got home from work, to my surprise, I had ONE DOZEN RED ROSES waiting for me!!! Also, attached to the vase were three balloons---one said It's a GIRL! and two said It's a BOY!!! Rob is the greatest!!! He always find the perfect moment to surprise me!!! His card was so sweet too!!! I am blessed!!! Here are my baby flowers with balloons!!! I was trying to make sure that the balloons came out in the picture but was not very successful!!! Rob was just snapping away!! "click, click, click..."

Monday, July 21, 2008

15 WEEKS - SEX of the BABIES!!!!

BABY A = BOY (on my left side)

BABY B = BOY (in the middle)

BABY C = GIRL (on my right side)
21 JUL: The start of our 15th week! Every week we just feel so thankful that we have made it one more week! I am back to work today after taking a few days off last week due to my little accident.

22 JUL: We had an appt with Dr. O today!!! Very exciting stuff!!! The appt started as usual with Dr. O putting huge amounts of goo on my belly!!! Rob was very close by with his video camera!!! (Norma---we didn't forget!!!) The doc was trying to find everybody's position---they have shifted since our last appt!!! He finally decided which one was A--on my left, B in the middle and C on my right. As he starts measurements on the babies---he asks us if we want to know the sex of the babies!!! OMG!!! We so did not expect this today!!! We thought it would be too early however we are thrilled because Rob is leaving at the end of the month for 30 days!!!
Anyway, I have kept you waiting long enough. We are having--------

Our babies at 15 wks:
You begin to feel some fluttering movements as baby kicks, flails, twists and turns (but don't panic if you don't yet). They can also grasp, squint, frown, grimace and maybe suck her thumb!
Baby's legs have grown longer than the arms and the body is now longer than the head and they are moving those arms and legs often!
skin is very thin -- so thin blood vessel are visible. It's covered by a fine, soft layer of hair called lanugo. Lanugo comes from a Latin word meaning "down."
The three tiny bones in his middle ear have begun to harden. The auditory centers in your baby's brain haven't developed yet.
Fingernails and toenails are growing.
Eyebrows are beginning to grow and even the hair his head is sprouting. It will probably change color and texture after birth.
They are an amazing 3.98 inches (10.1cm) long and may weigh 2.47 ounces (70gm).

Monday, July 14, 2008


14 JUL: WE have made it to our 2nd Trimester!!! Wahhoooooo!!!

16 JUL: I was rear-ended on H-1 today, yet again! I was terrified. I was fine but I was soooo scared for our little ones! As it turned out, I made the TV news and radio. Not sure how it got so blown out of proportion but the news said a pregnant woman with triplets was giving birth on H-1!!!! OMG!!!! We spent all morning in the ER and we were able to see all 3 heartbeats on ultrasound! We went home and I slept until 2pm. We had our regulary scheduled OB appt on this day. I was really happy about this so we had another exam and ultrasound. Everything checked out ok!!! The babies are doing well!!! Never a dull moment in our lives. BTW, Rob is recoving well too! I gave him quite the scare!!!

Our babies at 14 weeks:
Thyroid gland has matured and begins producing hormones which will be used throughout his or her life.
In boys, the prostate gland develops.
In girls, the ovaries move from the abdomen to the pelvis.
They may have learned to suck their thumbs by this point!
Their bones are getting harder and stronger by the day!
Their skin is very transparent still.
Lanugo (very fine hair) covers their body and will continue to grow until 26 weeks gestational age - Generally this will be shed prior to birth. Its purpose is to help protect baby's skin while in all that water!
The babies are about 3.42 inches (8.7cm) long and weigh about 1.52 ounces (43 grams) - approximately the weight of a letter!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

To Pee or not to Pee

13 JUL: Guess what I have to do today? I have to pee in a bottle for 24 hours! Twenty-Four hours!!! The doctor ordered this test two weeks ago and I have not been able to do this. Simply because I did not want to carry a bottle of pee with me at work! So, today, Sunday, I will confine myself to the house and "collect" my pee!! I know---it sounds disgusting!!! We have to do what the doctor orders!!! So, after collecting my pee we have to deliver it to the lab first thing tomorrow morning!!! Hopefully I will not have to do this again!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rob goes Deep Sea Fishing

12 JUL: Rob went deep sea fishing today! He had a great adventure BUT the waters were very rough!! He did catch one mahi-mahi which we will cook up tomorrow!! He came home wind-blown and a bit sunburned!!!
I stayed home and relaxed all day!! I watched tv and lounged! Really nice day for me! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008


7 JUL: Today I went back to work. I felt tired!! I know it is to be expected!
8 JUL: Once again, I felt drained today. I went home from work feeling sick. My tummy was upset, I had a headache and I just did not feel good. When I got home, nobody was home so I drank a club soda for my tummy and went directly on the couch. I slept for a good hour. When I woke up I felt better but I was still very tired. Rob cooked dinner and after dinner we went to the PX. The doc had recommended a home blood pressure machine so that we could keep tabs of my BP so we went to try to find one. Bought one and brought it home....checked my was 99/74. This is low. The doctor had been expecting it to drop...glad that it did and that we are right on schedule but I think my BP being so low is what is making me very tired. (don't know for sure though). Tonight we watched crazy Japanese shows. Funny Stuff!!
9 JUL: I am watching my blood pressure now. It has continued to be low. I did read up on low blood pressure during pregnancy. "Low blood pressure is common in the second trimester (13-26 weeks) and has no significance. It does not need to be fixed. It does not harm the baby." So, fatigue is normal and I will just have to grin and bear it. I am extremely tired these days!! Getting up at 4:30am is becoming increasingly difficult! I get home from work and I am just exhausted!! But, it's all normal and I am getting used to crawling in bed very early!! Oh, BTW, some interesting stuff on weight gain. Pretty scary stuff!!
Did you ever wonder how it's reasonable to gain 25 to 35 pounds (on average) during pregnancy when a newborn baby weighs only a fraction of that? Although it varies from woman to woman, this is how those pounds may add up: (mine will be X3!!!)
7.5 pounds: average baby's weight
7 pounds: extra stored protein, fat, and other nutrients
4 pounds: extra blood
4 pounds: other extra body fluids
2 pounds: breast enlargement
2 pounds: enlargement of your uterus
2 pounds: amniotic fluid surrounding your baby
1.5 pounds: the placenta

10 JUL: My oldest niece, Abbie, is 21 today! What is amazing is that I was in the delivery room when she was born! In so many ways, it seems like it was just yesterday!! How time flies!!
Speaking of time--I just found out today that I am still in the first trimester!!! For some reason we thought that the first trimester ended at week 12 and that is incorrect. If you take 40 weeks and divide by 3 it is 13.333. So, doctors consider the beginning of the 2nd trimester at week 14!!! Okay, so we have a few more days to go!!!
Our babies at 13 WKS:
They are about 2.91 inches (7.4cm) and weigh around 0.81 ounce (23gm) - This is about the same weight as 4 quarters and about the length of half a banana.
The babies are now begining to practice inhaling and exhaling movements.
Eyes and ears continue to move and develop.
Their necks are getting longer, and the chin no longer is resting on their chest.
Hands are becoming more functional - (baby may find it comforting to start playing with their fists.)
At this point all nourishment is received from the placenta.
Their heartbeat is much faster than mine!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

LT DAN joins the Family

These are our first pictures of our new Baby Boy! He is 19 inches tall. He looks just like his daddy! Isn't he handsome? His father's name is Forrest so we decided that a perfect name for him would be LT DAN. So, I would like to introduce you to our newest member of our family, LT DAN!!

With Momma! She is very proud and does not let him out of her sight!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of JULY

4 JUL: Happy 4th of July! It is indeed great to be an American and to live in the best country in the world!!!
We had a bbq today! We had great friends join us for 4th of July!
We started the day with pupus at 1pm. Later, Rob grilled yummy hamburgers for us! My honey sure can grill! After we ate we packed up and walked to Sills Field for the base 4th of July celebration. The big 'thing' was a concert....Billy Ray Cyrus! No, Miley was NOT with him! I do have to say that even though we are NOT fans of Billy Ray, the concert was really good. His performance was outstanding and the band sounded amazing!!! I was impressed. There were huge crowds!! I had no idea Billy Ray had so many fans!! After the concert, we walked back to the house for dessert. We had berry shortcake! It was really good!!! We just hung out chatting for a while until about 8:30 at which time we packed up in cars this time (it was drizzling) and headed back to the field to see the fireworks! The fireworks were AWESOME! Great show!!! Overall, we had a fantastic day!!

Meegan and Jonathan

Christy and Randy

Billy Ray Cyrus

Jessica, EJ and Nellie at concert

Christy and Nellie at Concert
Say "Cheese"

Beautiful Rainbow

Cille, Joe and Christian
"Squeeze In"

Cille, Christy and Nellie enjoying the concert!

The Fireworks!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Worrying about the Babies!

2 JUL: This afternoon I had a bit of a scare. I got home from work and when I went to the bathroom I had a bit of bleeding. I got pretty spooked. I called the doctor as fast as I could. The nurse told me that since I was only 12 1/2 wks that I should come in and get checked out. I immediately called Rob. He came home from work and we left for the hospital. The wait was very hard. When they finally took us to the back they told me that the Ultrasound Tech had time to do an ultrasound before she went home. She was amazing! She did a one hour ultrasound. She looked for a bleed everywhere but to our relief, found nothing! She did manage to spend some time with us showing us all kinds of stuff with the ultrasound! The babies were in full motion! I was so relieved that they were all moving and squirming and that their heartbeats were all beating!!! This was an amazing ultrasound!!! We saw so much. Baby C was doing all kinds of kicking and moving!!! Baby A was the least active and did not want to be bothered--turned back on cute...They were all doing very well!!! The doctor examined me and said that I just needed to rest and take it easy for a few days. She put me on bed rest for 48 hours! Here are the newest ultrasound pictures!!!