Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cargo Van VS Mustang Convertible

7/29: A little over a year ago, I was rear-ended for the first time on the H-1. My bumper was mangled! I made an appt to get my car repaired. The afternoon I dropped my car off, Enterprise was supposed to pick me up to get a rental. Enterprise "forgot" my pick-up. After calling them, they finally picked me up. We went to their offices and to my surprise, they did NOT have a car for me! It was late in the afternoon, it was hot and all I wanted was to go home. I told them that I would take whatever they had and they said they had nothing. I said, you are Enterprise, how can you not have something. The guy smirked and said well, we have a cargo van but it's big...I said to him, I will take it. He was a bit shocked but I just wanted to go home. Yes, I got a huge cargo van. No seats inside except the driver and passenger seats. No windows. Just a big, industrial cargo van.
Why am I telling you this now? Well, because I got rear-ended again a few weeks ago. My car was set for repairs. This time, Rob said he would take care of the Honda. So, the morning he drops of the Honda for repairs he calls me. He says, guess what they gave me for a rental? I was expecting a small compact since insurance is paying. He says, NO, I got a mustang convertible. I got a cargo van and they give Rob a mustang convertible...hmmmmmmm
We did enjoy taking a drive up to North Shore with the top down. Actually, on our drive up we just had to pull over. We saw the most amazing full rainbow!!!
Some people have all the luck!

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