Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of JULY

4 JUL: Happy 4th of July! It is indeed great to be an American and to live in the best country in the world!!!
We had a bbq today! We had great friends join us for 4th of July!
We started the day with pupus at 1pm. Later, Rob grilled yummy hamburgers for us! My honey sure can grill! After we ate we packed up and walked to Sills Field for the base 4th of July celebration. The big 'thing' was a concert....Billy Ray Cyrus! No, Miley was NOT with him! I do have to say that even though we are NOT fans of Billy Ray, the concert was really good. His performance was outstanding and the band sounded amazing!!! I was impressed. There were huge crowds!! I had no idea Billy Ray had so many fans!! After the concert, we walked back to the house for dessert. We had berry shortcake! It was really good!!! We just hung out chatting for a while until about 8:30 at which time we packed up in cars this time (it was drizzling) and headed back to the field to see the fireworks! The fireworks were AWESOME! Great show!!! Overall, we had a fantastic day!!

Meegan and Jonathan

Christy and Randy

Billy Ray Cyrus

Jessica, EJ and Nellie at concert

Christy and Nellie at Concert
Say "Cheese"

Beautiful Rainbow

Cille, Joe and Christian
"Squeeze In"

Cille, Christy and Nellie enjoying the concert!

The Fireworks!

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