Monday, July 7, 2008


7 JUL: Today I went back to work. I felt tired!! I know it is to be expected!
8 JUL: Once again, I felt drained today. I went home from work feeling sick. My tummy was upset, I had a headache and I just did not feel good. When I got home, nobody was home so I drank a club soda for my tummy and went directly on the couch. I slept for a good hour. When I woke up I felt better but I was still very tired. Rob cooked dinner and after dinner we went to the PX. The doc had recommended a home blood pressure machine so that we could keep tabs of my BP so we went to try to find one. Bought one and brought it home....checked my was 99/74. This is low. The doctor had been expecting it to drop...glad that it did and that we are right on schedule but I think my BP being so low is what is making me very tired. (don't know for sure though). Tonight we watched crazy Japanese shows. Funny Stuff!!
9 JUL: I am watching my blood pressure now. It has continued to be low. I did read up on low blood pressure during pregnancy. "Low blood pressure is common in the second trimester (13-26 weeks) and has no significance. It does not need to be fixed. It does not harm the baby." So, fatigue is normal and I will just have to grin and bear it. I am extremely tired these days!! Getting up at 4:30am is becoming increasingly difficult! I get home from work and I am just exhausted!! But, it's all normal and I am getting used to crawling in bed very early!! Oh, BTW, some interesting stuff on weight gain. Pretty scary stuff!!
Did you ever wonder how it's reasonable to gain 25 to 35 pounds (on average) during pregnancy when a newborn baby weighs only a fraction of that? Although it varies from woman to woman, this is how those pounds may add up: (mine will be X3!!!)
7.5 pounds: average baby's weight
7 pounds: extra stored protein, fat, and other nutrients
4 pounds: extra blood
4 pounds: other extra body fluids
2 pounds: breast enlargement
2 pounds: enlargement of your uterus
2 pounds: amniotic fluid surrounding your baby
1.5 pounds: the placenta

10 JUL: My oldest niece, Abbie, is 21 today! What is amazing is that I was in the delivery room when she was born! In so many ways, it seems like it was just yesterday!! How time flies!!
Speaking of time--I just found out today that I am still in the first trimester!!! For some reason we thought that the first trimester ended at week 12 and that is incorrect. If you take 40 weeks and divide by 3 it is 13.333. So, doctors consider the beginning of the 2nd trimester at week 14!!! Okay, so we have a few more days to go!!!
Our babies at 13 WKS:
They are about 2.91 inches (7.4cm) and weigh around 0.81 ounce (23gm) - This is about the same weight as 4 quarters and about the length of half a banana.
The babies are now begining to practice inhaling and exhaling movements.
Eyes and ears continue to move and develop.
Their necks are getting longer, and the chin no longer is resting on their chest.
Hands are becoming more functional - (baby may find it comforting to start playing with their fists.)
At this point all nourishment is received from the placenta.
Their heartbeat is much faster than mine!!

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Christy said...

Hey, thanks for letting us mess up your napping schedule. :-) We both really do appreciate you letting us stay with you. Hope you feel a little bit better today.