Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cuties Ready for Church

3/27: Ready for church! They love going to church! Waiting for Austin & Matthew "I guess we have to stay clean today?"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Air Show

3/26: Tyndell Air Force Base had their annual Air Show!! It is in Panama City Beach--about 90 miles from our house. We packed a lunch and headed to the air show! It was awesome and the kids really enjoyed seeing the planes. Didn't take many pics because I was busy watching the show!! They had a big yellow bus that had a jet engine in it and it raced down the air field. It was clocked doing 357 mph. Truly amazing!! We had a great time and the weather was perfect!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrating Spring

3/21: We celebrated the arrival of Spring by baking cookies with sprinkles for the very first time! Austin, Matthew and Emily had a great time! They each got their own bottle of sprinkles.
They were so patient while I rolled the cookies. Emily trying to figure out how to open her sprinkles.
One, Two... While the cookies baked, they ate sprinkles. It was too cruel to make them wait! Putting sprinkles on cookies! This is Matthew's cookie!! He is very creative! Emily added one sprinkle at a time! She kept screaming, "I did it!!" and finally....we ate cookies with sprinkles!! oh, they wanted extra sprinkles to go with the baked cookies! This is going to be an annual event to celebrate the First Day of Spring!

And Fever Continues

3/21: I am awake. It's 5am and I am watching my sweet baby Austin play with Mr. Potato Head! We have been awake for almost an hour. Fever still. Has had dose of Motrin. We tried to go back to sleep in Mommy's bed but that did NOT work. He got up after 30 min. He tried to go to sleep on floor in front of our bed. (I fixed Dora couch into fold out bed.) That worked for about 10 min.--long enough to get comfy in bed again. Then I hear him dragging couch to living room. So, we moved to living room. We are watching UP and playing and MOM is catching up on BLOG!! Austin has been running fever since Friday night. We will be making PEDS appt as soon as office opens at 7am!! Waiting for my coffee to brew!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Landmark Park FARM Days

3/20: Austin had fever last night but this morning seems perfectly fine except for a bit of a cough! Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring. To celebrate we went to the Spring Farm Days at Landmark Park. Austin, Matthew and Emily had a great time! They love being outside! The park had plowing demonstrations, shearing, quilting and other farm spring activities. They also had pony rides which are always a hit with our crew! Saw a few of my MOPS friends there with their kids! Thanks Nichole for giving us a hand with the pony rides! We played on the playground and by noon, it started getting very hot--mid 80's! We left and took kids home for naps!! They triplets sampled biscuit made by the fire! They loved them!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Anita Renfroe | William Tell Momisms | Official Version

Saw Anita Renfroe on Friday night! She is super funny!! Love her "momisms"!!!

MOPS and Concert

3/18: MOPS Enterprise today! Yay! I love MOPS and the kids absolutely LOVE going to MOPS too! Love being with friends and other MOMS and sharing our experiences in Mommyhood! Two of my table mates invited me to go to the Anita Renfroe and Mandisa concert. I don't like doing things OUT at night AT ALL because the night time routines are gruelling and it is extremely difficult for ONE person to do alone! This was a bit different and I text Rob and he said GO!! I accepted the ticket!! I met all my MOPS friends in Dothan and had an amazing time at the concert! Mandisa was on American Idol a few seasons back. Anita is a comedian and she is SUPER FUNNY!! My thanks to Wendy, Rhonda and Shannon! You girls are the BEST!! I really needed this ME time! Sometimes, it is HARD to admit that we really need some time away from hubby and babies!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Potty Time

3/17: We sort of have started potty training! I say sort of because we had NOT officially started but I had bought an ELMO potty and placed it in the front bathroom. Matthew and Emily saw the Elmo potty and immediately knew what it was for...amazing! They are loving the Potty! Can't explain it!! So, at bath time, they always want to POO! "Mommy Poo" has become their favorite saying!! POO is standard for Potty! Anyway, we are working with it and so far, Emily and Matthew have successfully peed in the Potty! Austin, on occasion joins the Potty Party but he loves bath time more! We are on our way to Diaper freedom! Yay! When Emily goes potty she does the cutest Potty Dance! I promise to video soon and post!! Too, too cute!! They get one M&M as a reward and LOVE it!! So, now we have two pottys. One is Elmo and the other is a Frog. They love doing the Musical Potty and they keep switching over and over. Yes, it drives us crazy but we are trying to be patient! So, now, between baths and potty parties we have added 30 to 4o minutes to our night time routine! SIGH!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fried Chicken

3/14: We are not the kind of family that eats fried chicken. We just simply try to stay away from fried food but every once in a while, well, you have to just eat fried chicken! The kids loved it! They loved the drumsticks--which we never cook either. Another first for them...fried chicken! Matthew eating his drumstick! "What is this??"

Austin and his drumstick!