Monday, March 21, 2011

And Fever Continues

3/21: I am awake. It's 5am and I am watching my sweet baby Austin play with Mr. Potato Head! We have been awake for almost an hour. Fever still. Has had dose of Motrin. We tried to go back to sleep in Mommy's bed but that did NOT work. He got up after 30 min. He tried to go to sleep on floor in front of our bed. (I fixed Dora couch into fold out bed.) That worked for about 10 min.--long enough to get comfy in bed again. Then I hear him dragging couch to living room. So, we moved to living room. We are watching UP and playing and MOM is catching up on BLOG!! Austin has been running fever since Friday night. We will be making PEDS appt as soon as office opens at 7am!! Waiting for my coffee to brew!!

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