Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday & Anniversary Dinner

3/12: I got dolled up tonight! My good friend Jamie offered to come over with her 2 year old son, Cort and play with my three so that we could go out to dinner! She also offered to bring pizza and feed the kids! This has been the absolute sweetest thing a friend could do for us! I was simply amazed with her kindness! We don't go out much. We don't do babysitters and you know we don't have family around so this was indeed a TREAT!! I accepted her offer joyously! I totally surprised Rob! He had no clue this was planned until few hours before Jamie was to arrive! He was thrilled that we would be able to go celebrate our anniversary! Jamie arrived at 4:30. (I planned on early dinner so that we could be back by bath time!) We went to Fuzion and had yummy yummy SUSHI!! Thanks again to Jamie and Cort! We love you guys!

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