Saturday, April 25, 2009


4/25: Yesterday UPS delivered Rob's Ebelskiver pan!! Boy was he excited!! I did NOT know what an ebelskiver was but boy are they good! Rob has fond memories from his childhood of his Dad taking them to Solvang, CA, for them and later cooking them for them!! Ebelskivers are little, round Norwegian pancakes made in a special pan. They are usually filled with fresh fruit or a jam. So, Saturday morning could not come soon enough!!! I have to say they are incredibly good!!! Here are some pics of Rob reliving his childhood!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

4/20 - We had another busy weekend! We are still unpacking! We have the dining room and kitchen completely done! The nursery is close but we still have some boxes to unpack and Dad still has 2 dressers to build! The nursery is taking shape. It is a wee bit tight but we have to keep in mind that the room was not built to have 3 cribs!
We hung ferns and geraniums this weekend. We also got our flag up! FoyerDining Roomother view of Dining Room with front doorKitchenBaby Area (off kitchen) lots of windows and great light!Laundry Room
NurseryNursery is done in Zanzibar bedding. We bought the bedding but Issis gave us money to buy additional items for the nursery. We bought Zanzibar mobile, lamp, and fluffy blankets for the boys. We also bought Emily's bedding! Thanks Issis!!!Emily's girly bedding in pinks and purples!!You can't live in the South and not plant a tomato garden!!! On Saturday, Rob was able to plant our tomatoes and jalapenos and the garden looks great! We haven't grown tomatoes since we were here in AL last!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girls Rule!

4/19 - Emily has mastered rolling over! When we do tummy time with the Peas she rolls over no problem. The boys are still adjusting to tummy time. They pretty much scream the whole time although today Matthew did much better and didn't cry at all! Emily, however, is a champ! Go Emily!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Losing Lolita

4/17 - Yes, Lolita is gone! WE are mourning our loss! Who the heck is Lolita? Our Garmin GPS system. Unfortunately, it was stolen from our truck on post! So sad to believe that a soldier would steal!!! We are very sad as we loved and used our beloved Lolita quite a bit! We got her last year in May and in one year learned to love using a GPS system. If you don't have one, get one! They are wonderful! We have had many expenses at this time but as soon as we are able to, we will buy another Lolita!!!

Boxes and Babies

4/17 - We have been in our new house about 2 weeks! It has been a very different move than any we have ever done! (and we have many moves under our belt!) This time around we bought a house and we have 3 beautiful babies to care for while we deal with the house hunting, closing, movers and boxes!!!
First, I want to thank Terelle for being with us the day the movers delivered our stuff! I believe that without her help we wouldn't have made it! She took care of her own 9 month old (Izzy) and our 3 Peas while Mom and Dad handled the movers!!! Thank you, Terelle!!! I really appreciate you! I always say that in my life I have been blessed with really special friends!!! You certainly are one of them!! Oh, on this day we had severe thunderstorms--Welcome to AL!!
If you know a little about us you know that when we move, we usually have our new home unpacked and settled in about a week! Well, this time....well, the clock is still ticking and we are NOT completely unpacked. Very different when you have 3 babies that are very demanding! So, when babies need us we stop what we are doing and play with babies. Actually, I am making this sound like I actually unpacked....Rob has done about 98% of the unpacking and I have done the other 2%. I mostly tend to the babies! I am so happy that I am able to stay home and do this and not have to worry about a job at this point! Anyway, we are working at getting the house unpacked and can't wait to have our friends that are close by for a big housewarming party!!

BABY TALK - So, you are probably on this blog wanting to read about the 3 Peas! The Peas are adjusting to life in Alabama and having their own cribs! YAY!!! They are pretty amazing!! I can't believe how fast they are growing!!! It truly is incredible. We have seen a pediatrician here and he is wonderful! We love him!!

On 3/27 the Peas had their 4 Month Well Baby Check Up and here are their STATS!! They also had their shots. I want to thank Christy for coming to our appt with us! It really is much easier to have one person for each baby! Also, Mom doesn't handle the shots for her babies well and I am thankful for Christy who helped Rob out with this! Christy--thank you for always lending a hand! You are so giving of your time when it comes to our 3 Peas!! They love you sooo much!!! Our pediatrician also insisted on another RSV shot. They had 3 of them in Hawaii but the RSV season runs longer here than in Hawaii!

weighed 11 lbs 5 oz - 50%
lenght: 23 1/2 inches 50%
Head Circumference 16 1/2 inches - 90% Not too happy about bath time tonight!Matthew
weighed 12 lbs 10 oz - 50%
Lenght: 23 1/2 inches - 50%
Head Circumference - 16 inches - 75 % Matthew loving Bath time!Emily
weighed 12 lbs 3 inches - 60%
lenght: 22 1/4 inches - 40%
Head Circumference 16 inches - 75%

Sunday, April 5, 2009

With Christy and Randy

4/5 - We have been staying with Christy and Randy since March 13th. We have had a wonderful visit and have really enjoyed staying here! Christy and Randy have been so incredibly gracious with all of us! We are truly blessed with lots of selfless and giving friends and you two are among the most giving of them all!!! Thanks Guys!!! Christy is in love with Austin, Matthew and Emily and I have enjoyed every interaction she has had with them! She is wonderful with them and is a diaper changing queen! We have laughed, talked and ate so much good food that we all probably gained a pound or two! Oh, and we have eaten so many waffles!!! We will miss you very much as we leave today to move in to our new house!! WE love you guys!!!
Walter Family with Christy and Randy
Mom and Dad with 3 PeasChristy with Emily and MatthewChristy with 3 Peas Emily
Emily asleep with DadChristy with Emily
Buddee with Emily
Bailee with EmilyAustin
Mom with Austin Mom with Matthew
Matthew's little handPhoebe the CatBuddee
Mom with 3 Peas