Saturday, April 25, 2009


4/25: Yesterday UPS delivered Rob's Ebelskiver pan!! Boy was he excited!! I did NOT know what an ebelskiver was but boy are they good! Rob has fond memories from his childhood of his Dad taking them to Solvang, CA, for them and later cooking them for them!! Ebelskivers are little, round Norwegian pancakes made in a special pan. They are usually filled with fresh fruit or a jam. So, Saturday morning could not come soon enough!!! I have to say they are incredibly good!!! Here are some pics of Rob reliving his childhood!!

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Kelly Rivera said...

OMG... I LOVE EBLESCIEVERS!!!! And I love Solvang... Many a Sunday brunch was enjoyed in the beautiful town of Solvang Ca! I can't believe what can happen in a year!!! - Nellie.. .please email me your contact info