Sunday, April 5, 2009

With Christy and Randy

4/5 - We have been staying with Christy and Randy since March 13th. We have had a wonderful visit and have really enjoyed staying here! Christy and Randy have been so incredibly gracious with all of us! We are truly blessed with lots of selfless and giving friends and you two are among the most giving of them all!!! Thanks Guys!!! Christy is in love with Austin, Matthew and Emily and I have enjoyed every interaction she has had with them! She is wonderful with them and is a diaper changing queen! We have laughed, talked and ate so much good food that we all probably gained a pound or two! Oh, and we have eaten so many waffles!!! We will miss you very much as we leave today to move in to our new house!! WE love you guys!!!
Walter Family with Christy and Randy
Mom and Dad with 3 PeasChristy with Emily and MatthewChristy with 3 Peas Emily
Emily asleep with DadChristy with Emily
Buddee with Emily
Bailee with EmilyAustin
Mom with Austin Mom with Matthew
Matthew's little handPhoebe the CatBuddee
Mom with 3 Peas


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I am in love with the babies for sure now! The pictures are all so adorable-----look at them smile and look around. I can hardly wait to see them. I love the house. Nellie, you and Rob and the babies will love that front porch. I can hardly wait to hear about how great you are doing when you get settled. Christy, Randy, Buddie and Baylee and Phoebee are going to be lonely!

Kelly Rivera said...

What a beautiful House!!! And those kids are absolutely adorable. I am sure you can't wait to be settled!

Christy and Randy said...

We loved having you guys here! It is sure quiet at our house now. I can't wait to come and see you all at your house. Thanks so much for accepting our offer to stay with us, it meant a lot to us. See you tomorrow!