Monday, June 30, 2008


30 JUN: Today we are exactly 12 weeks! We are very excited to reach this point!!! We have an appt with our perinatologist this afternoon. We are praying that this morning was the last progesterone shot!! To date I have had 71 shots in my behind.
Our appointment went very well! The babies are all doing extemely well. They have grown and the doctor was impressed with their growth!!! The heartbeats were good and strong as well! Overall, the visit was excellent!!! We left the doctor's office feeling sooo very happy!!!
Oh, no more shots!!! My behind is so happy!!!
Our babies at 12 wks:
*Vocal cords begin to form.

*Those precious eyes begin to move closer together.
*Ears shift to their normal place on the side of the head.
*Intestines move farther in to their body
*Liver begins to function - Responsible for cleansing the blood, storing nutrients, and providing needed chemicals, this is an important event!
*The pancreas begins to produce insulin.
Guess what? Our babies average size is now at a whopping length: 2.13 inches (5.4cm) and weight: 0.49 ounce (14gm).
Baby A - Heartbeat: 163 beats per minute.
Measurement from crown to rump: 5.63 cm
Baby A is situated on my left side.
At this time, Baby A seems to be the smaller of the three babies! Don't worry, Baby A will catch up!!
Baby B - Heartbeat: 156 beats per minute.
Measurement from crown to rump is 6.75 cm.
Baby B is situated on my right side.
BABY C - Heartbeat: 150 beats per minute.
Measurement from crown to rump is 6.58 cm.
Baby C is situated in the middle!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

My Sweetie

My fish was this big!!!

28 JUN: Today we went to the Honolulu Zoo. It was Military Appreciation Day. The event is open to all military familes with free admission to the zoo, free lunch and even free ice-cream.
This event is sponsored by many companies and organizations. My employer donated money and was a corporate sponsor. I was given the opportunity to represent the company at this event. This gave me VIP parking and entrance to the zoo before it opened to the public.
We invited our friends to join us and we all had a great time!!!
The first thing on the agenda was the opening ceremony by the mayor, Mufi, who gave a speech. He talked about the importance of the military presence in Hawaii. I had the opportunity to meet the mayor and did not miss out on the photo op.
The zoo is not quite as those in large cities. It didnt have many animals but overall, it was lots of fun!!! They had lots of arts and crafts for the kids. Rob made me a visor! So--cute and I have to admit it helped because it did get really hot! We had a great day!

Nellie and Mayor Mufi Hanneman

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Addition!!

24 JUN: It's a BOY!!! Our miniature donkeys are parents!!! Our Chloe gave birth to a beautful male miniature donkey today!!

The Proud Momma!

The even prouder Pappa!!!


Proud Parents

Meagan feeding Chloe

Rob with Meagan and Andrew

Forrest and Chloe

Saturday, June 21, 2008


21 JUN: We went to visit Mighty MO! This is an amazing piece of history! We were thrilled to be able to walk on board this ship. I will share a bit of history! (just because I think it is very interesting!!) We are so lucky to be able to have this here in our back yard!!
To enlarge the Navy’s fleet by 60 ships, money was allotted to build four fast Iowa Class Battleships of which the Missouri, (BB-63) was one. Affectionately Nicknamed the “Mighty Mo.” It would be the last battleship ever built by the United States. Nearly 11 months before Pearl Harbor was bombed, the Missouri’s keel was laid at the New York Navy Yard on January 6, 1941 and completed 3 years later. On January 29, 1944, more than 20,000 spectators watched as she was christened by Miss Margaret Truman, the 19 year old daughter of then United States Senator Harry S. Truman from Missouri. Senator Truman, when delivering his opening remarks at the Christening Ceremony, said, “The USS Missouri will show … the world her innate seaworthiness, her valiant fighting spirit and the invincible power of the United States Navy.” The Missouri joined the Pacific Fleet in January 1945. This invasion began on February 19, 1945. The Missouri was assigned the task of safeguarding US aircraft carriers by providing them with anti-aircraft protection. She also aided in refueling the nearby destroyers. The Mighty Mo was 65 miles from Iwo Jima when the attack began. With her 5 inch guns blazing, Mo shot down her first Japanese plane. The Missouri heavily bombarded the southeastern end of Iwo Jima. The battle of Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest battles of the war. The U.S. Forces lost over 6,000 men and approximately 19,000 were wounded in action. The Japanese lost nearly 21,000 of their troops.
On March 24, 1945 the invasion of Okinawa began. The Missouri, in the company of two other Iowa Class battleships, the New Jersey and Wisconsin, opened fire on the island, offering support to the 60,000
American troops that had landed there. On that first day she fired 180 rounds from her 16 inch guns, striking buildings, army barracks, observation posts and an ammunition dump.
On August 5, 1945 the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan and on August 9, Nagasaki. On August 15, 1945, three years, eight months and seven days from that fateful day at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese surrendered and the war in the Pacific was over. The Instrument of Surrender was signed on September 2, 1945 on the 01 deck level of the Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay, near the city of Yokohama, Japan. Japan’s delegation consisted of 11 men who had traveled in secrecy from Tokyo. General Douglas MacArthur signed in his capacity as Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Joining him as signatory was Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz along with representatives of China, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands and New Zealand. The Japanese Foreign Minister, Mamoru Shigemitsu, signed on behalf of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Government General Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, signed on behalf of the Japanese Armed Forces. Hundreds of American sailors lined every inch of the Missouri when General MacArthur delivered an eloquent speech calling for “freedom, tolerance and justice.”
The Missouri was moved to the Pacific Reserve Fleet in Bremerton, Washington on February 26, 1955. During her years of retirement, visitors could visit the Surrender Deck of the Mighty Mo. The Missouri also enjoyed a short but successful career portraying numerous warships in movies such as MacArthur, The Winds of
War, and War and Remembrance.
In early 1984, the Missouri and her three sister battleships were recalled from retirement to serve the nation once more. On May 6, 1986 she had her formal re-commissioning ceremony on May 10 and her return
to active duty. During the summer of 1990, Iraq invaded the tiny country of Kuwait. Under General Norman Schwarzkopf’s command, the U.S. and Allied military assembled thousands of vessels, aircraft, tanks and equipment for immediate duty. At 1:40 a.m. on January 17, the Missouri launches the first of 28 Tomahawk missiles toward Baghdad.
After the Gulf War, the Missouri spent four years from 1992 to 1995 at the Pacific Reserve Fleet in Bremerton, Washington before she was moved to another Bremerton pier and opened to the public for visitation. Then following an intense competition from four cities to have the Missouri permanently berthed at one of these locations, Secretary of Navy John Dalton, on August 21, 1996, selected the USS Missouri Memorial Association to receive the Missouri at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This announcement was made 51 years from September 2, 1945, the date Japan ended World War II at the surrender ceremony held aboard the Missouri. The Missouri left Bremerton on May 23, 1998 and went on a 300 mile trip to Astoria, Oregon. The Missouri left Astoria for Pearl Harbor and ended in Pearl Harbor on June 22, 1998.

Our Babies at 11 WKS:
*Nearly all structures and organs are formed and beginning to function.
*Fingers and toes have separated.
*Hair and nails begin to grow.
*The genitals begin to take on the proper gender characteristics. It will be just a few more weeks before we know if we have boys, girls or a combo of both!!
*Amniotic fluid begins to accumulate as the kidneys begin to function. This fluid, consisting primarily of water, helps provide a cushion for your baby while she's nestled within your womb.
*The muscles in the intestinal walls begin to practice contractions that digest food.
Our babies are about 1.61 inches (4.1 cm) long and weighs 0.25 ounce (7gm).

Sunday, June 15, 2008


15 JUN: Father's Day! The first Father's Day for my honey! We got together with our friends Christy, Randy, Cille, Carlos and the whole Carlos clan--Jessica, E.J. and Christian. We went to have lunch at Bubba Gumps! We had such a wonderful time!! The food was great and I ate so much shrimp I thought it would start coming out of my ears!!!
Our babies at 10 WKS:
*Baby is now called a fetus in "medical terms".
*The most critical part of our their development is complete.
*Their heads are now about half its length - Soon the rest of the body's growth will catch up but this area is prepared to keep up with the rapid brain development!
*Eyelids fuse shut and irises begin to develop - Eye color is also determined by this point.
*Placenta begins to function this week or next - The placenta is the organ responsible for both the provision of nutrients along with the removal of waste to keep your baby growing strong!
The babies are about 1.22 inch long (3.1cm) and weigh 0.14 ounce at the end of this week.

Monday, June 9, 2008


9 JUN: This weekend I got a cold. I was pretty miserable and could not sleep very well. Really congested. I rubbed Vicks under my nose all night!! Well, upon reading, "What to Expect when Expecting", I found out that congestion is normal during pregnancy. Why? The high levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body increase blood flow which causes the mucus membranes to swell. Those membranes produce more mucus than ever trying to keep infections and germs at bay. Also, the stuffiness may get worse as the pregnancy progresses!! Very interesting!!
I have an appt with the Nurse Practitioner at Kaiser this afternoon. It's a simple appt--just to take medical history and do all my lab work!
My sister and her family will be leaving today!!! I am sad!! We have had such a wonderful time!!
Our babies at 9 WKS:
*Baby has begun movement - While still too small for to feel, they are wriggling, shifting, and dancing already! Makes you almost wish for a window to peek in whenever you want!
*Most joints are formed now - our little ones are practicing bending and flexing.
*Fetus will curve its fingers around an object placed in the palm of its hand.
*Fingerprints are already evident in the skin
Average size this week -- length 0.9 inch (2.3cm), weight 0.07 ounce (2gm).

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our First Visit with the Perinatologist

2 JUN: We have a referral to see Dr. Keith Ogasawara at Kaiser, Mounalua. A Perinatologist is an obstetrical subspecialist concerned with the care of the mother and fetus at higher-than-normal risk for complications. As you can imagine, we are there in the High-Risk Category. For several reasons, this is an in-vitro pregnancy with multiples and the other not so obvious one---my age. Our appt was scheduled for 5pm but we were not even seen until closer to 6! We loved our doctor! Funny and very informative!!!
Ultrasound: He has a really high speed ultrasound machine. He could take a snapshot and then magnify it. It was so awesome to see our three little beans growing!!! Their heartbeats were all beating so rapidly!! Just simply amazing!!
To our surprise---without warning---all of a sudden he turned on audio and we were able to hear our 3 little heartbeats one by one!!!
Yes, I cried! It was so touching. You know it's happening but until you hear those little heartbeats....there are no words!!! it's love!!! I am in love with those heartbeats!!! I think we both are!!!
Our doctor took about an hour to talk to us about complications, responsibilities, with having multiples. There are many but we are up for the challenge!!! I still have to say on the progesterone shots, the baby aspirin every day and my pre-natal vitamin.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Luau

My sister and her family are here! We are having a GREAT time!!! Yesterday we went out to K-bay and rented a pontoon boat! After spending a few hours at the sand bar, we drove all around the island. We were able to stop at the Mac Nut Farm. The funnest for the kids was stopping in North Shore and seeing the turtles on the beach. It was great!!! Saturday night we went to a Luau. We all had a great time! Our friends Christy and Randy joined us! Lots of dancing and Hawaiian music!!! Here are a few pics from the Luau!!
Melanie! She is such a cutie!!!

Meagan and Andrew

Sisters at Luau

The Family: Rey, Ellie, Meagan, Andrew and Melanie
Rob and Nellie

Our good friends: Christy and Randy at Luau


1 JUN: We are at 8 WKS! Feels so good to say that! I am continuing my daily shots and overall I feel GREAT! I still have not had any morning sickness at all!!! I consider myself very lucky!!!Aside from getting very tired very easily, I feel fantastic!!!
Our babies at 8 wks:
*Cartilage and bones begin to form - At the end of this week our babies will have completed 1/5th of the journey 'til his birthday!
*The basic structure of the eye is well underway - The position is more "newborn" like already!
*The tongue begins to develop.
*Intestines move out of the umbilical cord into the abdomen.
*Body grows and makes room - Two months along and they are growing inside and out by leaps and bounds! *The fingers and toes have appeared but are webbed and short.
Baby's length (crown to rump) is 0.61 inch (1.6cm) and weight is 0.04 ounce (1gm).