Monday, June 30, 2008


30 JUN: Today we are exactly 12 weeks! We are very excited to reach this point!!! We have an appt with our perinatologist this afternoon. We are praying that this morning was the last progesterone shot!! To date I have had 71 shots in my behind.
Our appointment went very well! The babies are all doing extemely well. They have grown and the doctor was impressed with their growth!!! The heartbeats were good and strong as well! Overall, the visit was excellent!!! We left the doctor's office feeling sooo very happy!!!
Oh, no more shots!!! My behind is so happy!!!
Our babies at 12 wks:
*Vocal cords begin to form.

*Those precious eyes begin to move closer together.
*Ears shift to their normal place on the side of the head.
*Intestines move farther in to their body
*Liver begins to function - Responsible for cleansing the blood, storing nutrients, and providing needed chemicals, this is an important event!
*The pancreas begins to produce insulin.
Guess what? Our babies average size is now at a whopping length: 2.13 inches (5.4cm) and weight: 0.49 ounce (14gm).
Baby A - Heartbeat: 163 beats per minute.
Measurement from crown to rump: 5.63 cm
Baby A is situated on my left side.
At this time, Baby A seems to be the smaller of the three babies! Don't worry, Baby A will catch up!!
Baby B - Heartbeat: 156 beats per minute.
Measurement from crown to rump is 6.75 cm.
Baby B is situated on my right side.
BABY C - Heartbeat: 150 beats per minute.
Measurement from crown to rump is 6.58 cm.
Baby C is situated in the middle!!

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