Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Playdate/BD Party

4/27: We made it to our playdate/BD Party! All three LOVE being outside!
Emily Matthew discovered this cool car first! It was a hit for all 3! They LOVED this car! We are going to start looking for 3 of these!!
Austin soon realized that Matty had a cool toy!
"Okay, brother, get in, I will drive!!"
"Gotta close the door!"
"You know....I'm not sure we both fit in here!!"
running around at the party!
Austin finally gets a turn!
but...as he is figuring things out....Emily sees the cool toy!
"move over, I want a ride too!"
They are never far apart from each other and Matty soon realized Austin and Emily were in the car and he had to get in on the action!
Remember the commercial where people stuffed themselves in a VW bug?? That's what this reminded me of...it was soooooo funny! These kids crack me up!!
The Boys enjoyed the sandbox!
Emily gets to ride the car on her own!!
Snack Time

They had a small bounce house. It was the first time for them to be in one of these and they were not comfortable in it at all!
Singing Happy Birthday to Katelyn
Yes, they all ate a cupcake...and yes, they all got messy!

Shoes in the Trash

4/27: This morning as I was getting stuff ready for Speech Therapy and for our Playdate, I let Emily hang out with me in their room. I was in and out of their room and the kitchen. She was following me around. I didn't realize that every trip we made to the kitchen she carried a shoe with her and she put it in the trash. Eventually, I saw her with a shoe and caught her opening trash can! She look so surprised! It was just funny! Not sure why she put them in the trash.
"What did I do??"Speech Therapy with Tara this morning.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not a FAD

4/25: They did it again!! We finished eating breakfast and went into living room to watch Sesame Street. They started bringing up their Elmo chairs on the couch one by one! It's incredible! I really thought it was probably a one time thing. Here they are this morning, enjoying Elmo and their juice after breakfast!! Sometimes, I am amazed by them...well not sometimes, ALWAYS!! We have many errands to do today. We have to run to store and stock up on bread, milk, juice, etc for the week! Rob will be leaving early Tuesday morning for New York which means I will not be able to leave house for the rest of the week. (We are planning on attending a play date Tuesday--hopefully, it will go well.)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Saturday

4/24: We had a great day today! Our friend Kathryn had asked us if she could bring a former student to visit us. Jessica is 19 has CP and is also visually impaired. Jessica had a great time with Austin, Matthew and Emily!! They loved her and loved playing with her. They left at nap time and we invited them to come back after nap for grilled chicken. A few hours later, Kathryn text me and said I want to cook some stuff. I said sure!! She brought over groceries and in about an hour whipped up homemade mac-n-cheese, steamed broccoli, deviled eggs and even her famous peanut butter cake!! Wow, Kat, you are awesome!! Rob grilled his chicken and it was also soooo tender and yummy--(new marinade he made). Kathryn's daughter, Sarah and Jeremy who is 3 also stopped by for dinner and for playtime! The Peas absolutely LOVE playing with Jeremy who is always full of energy!! They ran and tumbled outside for a couple hours!! Oh, and we also had our neighbors over! I tell you...the BEST times are when everything is totally unplanned!! Great fun was had by all!
Today, the babies had a great idea! They all put their Elmo chairs on the couch and then climbed on! Where do they come up with this stuff??
Jessica with MattyJessica with Emily
Jessica with Austin

Friday, April 23, 2010


4/23: We started noticing that Matthew was not walking straight a few months ago. I discussed this with his former Physical Therapist who believed Matty had flat feet. So, we took him to his Pediatrician so that we could get a referral for a Podiatrist. We finally got an appointment and Matthew was diagnosed with extreme flat feet. That is what is causing him to walk a bit sideways, for his right foot to fold inwards and for him to sometimes fall. Rob took him to the appointment early this morning. I mean early...he left at 7:15 am. We have to try to make appointments as early as possible so that Rob does not have to miss work. After his appointment he had to send him to another office so that he could get fitted for inserts. (which are NOT covered by insurance AT ALL...and are a whopping....$350!!) We should get his inserts in a couple of weeks. Flat feet, after using corrective inserts are 'corrected' in 90% of cases! So, this is Matty after his appointment. He loves to put his hat on backwards! I put it on him and he quickly takes it off and puts it on like he likes! It is truly amazing to see their personalities come out!!