Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not a FAD

4/25: They did it again!! We finished eating breakfast and went into living room to watch Sesame Street. They started bringing up their Elmo chairs on the couch one by one! It's incredible! I really thought it was probably a one time thing. Here they are this morning, enjoying Elmo and their juice after breakfast!! Sometimes, I am amazed by them...well not sometimes, ALWAYS!! We have many errands to do today. We have to run to store and stock up on bread, milk, juice, etc for the week! Rob will be leaving early Tuesday morning for New York which means I will not be able to leave house for the rest of the week. (We are planning on attending a play date Tuesday--hopefully, it will go well.)

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sandy said...

I think they are brilliant! The tv is mounted above the fireplace so when they put the Elmo chairs up on the couch they have a better view without straining their necks to see. These are some pretty innovative,smart cookies!!!