Friday, April 23, 2010


4/23: We started noticing that Matthew was not walking straight a few months ago. I discussed this with his former Physical Therapist who believed Matty had flat feet. So, we took him to his Pediatrician so that we could get a referral for a Podiatrist. We finally got an appointment and Matthew was diagnosed with extreme flat feet. That is what is causing him to walk a bit sideways, for his right foot to fold inwards and for him to sometimes fall. Rob took him to the appointment early this morning. I mean early...he left at 7:15 am. We have to try to make appointments as early as possible so that Rob does not have to miss work. After his appointment he had to send him to another office so that he could get fitted for inserts. (which are NOT covered by insurance AT ALL...and are a whopping....$350!!) We should get his inserts in a couple of weeks. Flat feet, after using corrective inserts are 'corrected' in 90% of cases! So, this is Matty after his appointment. He loves to put his hat on backwards! I put it on him and he quickly takes it off and puts it on like he likes! It is truly amazing to see their personalities come out!!

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