Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Bound

4/16: We made it to the beach! Yay! Okay, I have to admit that traveling in the RV will spoil anyone! It's pretty cool! We love our traveling comfort now. How will we ever travel any other way now!!?? Overall, the trip was successful even though we didn't get to get in the water. Next trip!!
As soon as we got settled, we were off on a walk! Made it to the water. So, we didn't get in the water! It is still quite cold!!
Austin was the first one in the sand. We didn't know what to expect. He was totally at ease and enjoyed the sand!

Emily was second in the sand. She seemed okay...
Matthew was last and he did NOT like the sand at ALL!!
Emily was totally okay in the sand until Matty started crying.
Mom with Emily and Austin
Enough with the "sand" torture. Let's just go for a walk!
The campsite was very simple but pretty. All these moss covered trees were right by the water!
big beautiful tree covered with moss
We were at the marina waiting for Dad to buy his bait!
"You want me to do what??"
We all love HATS!!
Emily, my Sweet Girl!

"Wanna trade hats?"

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