Sunday, April 11, 2010


4/11: It's Sunday. Rob comes home tomorrow night! We will be happy and overjoyed to have daddy home!
This week alone I have had so many ask the same question, "How do you do it?" I usually laugh and say something witty like, "do what?".

No, I don't have a red cape hidden in my diaper bag! I don't have special powers. I do what any Mommy would do! You just do! Being a mom of multiples is hard but it's not any harder than having 3 kids in a variety of ages-in my opinion.
My secret? I pray. Every day, every hour. I pray for patience, endurance, humor and love among other things.

You have to have patience especially when 2 of the 3 babies have raided the filing cabinet and destroyed a handful of files. They don't know that they were in any kind of order. They just had fun pulling and strewing!! Then the 3rd baby realizes fun is being had without her and she runs to join in on the fun! (BTW this happened this morning!)

Endurance. We are in this for the long haul. I pray that we continue to see our lives as fun even though there are times that we have to skip fun for reality. I skipped a BD party yesterday at the lake. I was bummed that Rob wasn't here and we couldn't go. I don't have many opportunities for adult conversation and to see old friends however, going to the lake with 3 toddlers and 1 adult just simply wouldn't work! I would have run after them all day and never even had a chance to visit with anyone! I missed out on BD cake too! So, many times it is a sacrifice because you have to think and think and realize....yea, that's not gonna work.

Humor comes every day with every little thing that I see in their little faces. I just laugh and smile at them. So, we pooped yet"what is your mother feeding you!?" I used this one many times this week! They simply make me smile. They are so sweet and tender to me and to each other. Well, not always to each other but once in a while. Last night as we were having night bottles Austin was sitting in his Elmo chair and Emily got a blanket and went and covered his legs. It was so sweet. I smiled...and text daddy about it!!

Love. I wouldn't be able to handle a second without the love that I have for my babies and my family! So, it is hard but it's also manageable. I have also been asked about a billion times about help. No, I don't have any help...hired or otherwise. It's US! I am proud of us that we have managed as well as we have for being as inexperienced in the baby business. We have done well. We haven't always cooked a great nutritious dinner but we aren't starving either! Since moving to Alabama we make sure we always have at least 2 frozen pizzas in the freezer. That's our safe meal when at the end of the evening neither one of us wants to face the kitchen! Twenty minutes and dinner! I also learned how to cook great meals in the crock pot! We have always had one but never used it as much as we do now! (at least once a week we have a crock pot meal!) BTW, I just recently received a brand spanking new one for my 40th BD from Betty our lovely realtor! It has been put to good use already! We have learned to rely on ourselves and realized this is our fight not anyone else's. This makes us more resourceful! The babies have had some constants. Our Special Instruction Therapist is phenomenal. She is so amazing and so giving to us. I just love her and love her humor and positive attitude! We have seen her once a week as a therapist but have also seen her more often as a friend. Sometimes she texts me and asks me what I want for lunch. It's not even her day to see us and she just pops in to say hi and bring me lunch! That's touching to me...not because I need someone to feed me but because she went out of her way to come and say hi to us! (and adult conversation is always a plus for me as I spend everyday just with babies talking to me!) The babies light up when she comes in the room! She is definetly part of our little village.

Life is not always easy but it is much fun. I have learned a few things along the way. Most importantly, I am a good resourceful mom. I may not always make the right decisions but I try to make them all based on our babies. I have also learned that life as we once knew it is bye, bye gone and I am happy about that as well. I love our new life and our new sacrifices and our new adventures! Yes, I do miss going to restaurants and the movies and simply going to the store without an hour of planning but this is our life now. Not everyone understands but that's okay...

The triplets are napping. I have had a shower and breakfast. It's gonna be a good day!

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I am a blessed man to have you as my Wife I do love you Nellie!!