Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Too Shall Pass...

4/10: It's Saturday! We have had a rough week! What is worse than Daddy leaving TDY unexpectedly? Ah, 3 TEETHING babies!! Oh, boy! So far, teething had not been terrible! Let me share a bit of my week!
4/5: Monday- Started badly for us! Rob had a phone call very early and had to leave to Ft. Riley, Kansas! He was expected at the airfield by 9am! Austin woke up with big poopie diaper! Teething! Matthew very cranky and Emily very clingy! On Monday, the diaper count went like this for a 24 hour period: Austin: 9 diapers of which 7 (SEVEN) were poopie!! Matthew: 7 diapers of which 4 were poopie diapers and Emily: 6 diapers of which 3 were poopie diapers!! That means that in 24 hours I changed 22 diapers of which most were poopie! My poor babies!!! Austin woke up around midnight and I brought him in bed with me! He slept the rest of the night but I really can't relax with baby in bed!!
4/6: Tuesday- Proved to be less in the poopie diaper department but not in the clingy and cranky department!! The highlight was that in the evening we went and played outside for a couple hours!! Austin woke up screaming at 11pm. I picked him up and brought to my bed. He fell asleep but an hour later, Matty woke up screaming! He had a bad dream I believe. So, now I had 2 babies in bed with me! This Mommy didn't sleep much!!
4/7: Wednesday- Started busy! We had hearing tests! The triplets recieve Speech Therapy and our Speech Therapist recommended hearing tests! These were done at Lyster on base. Our good friend and Special Instruction Therapist volunteered to go with me! (Thanks Kathryn!) Our first appointment was at 12:30 so that meant leaving here about an hour before. I had to have van ready, pack choo choo, diaper bag, snack bag, bottles, juice sippy cups, etc. It's alot of work! We made it and our testing went well. The boys passed with flying colors but Emily had an issue with her middle ear. The audiologist believes this may be due to allergies and wants to retest her again in a month! Testing finished at 2:30! It is also not easy to keep 3---17 month babies entertained in a waiting room for over 2 hours!! We then braved the commissary! Rob usually does the quick commissary run on Tuesdays so we were almost out of milk, completely out of eggs and bread! So, I had no choice! It wasn't too bad but as usual, the commissary was crowded! We drove home and finally the babies rested and took a much needed nap! We decided to pick up Thai takeout because neither one of us had eaten! We ordered too much but it was all delicious! What a day! I was exhausted! Evrybody slept in their own beds!!
4/8: Thursday- more cranky and clingy babies but we survived! The poopie diapers were much less!! YAY! We had storms in the area! It rained all day! I love rain but it meant that we could not go outside to play!!
4/9: Friday- Most say TGIF but for me, well it really isn't too different than all the other days that end in Y!! The highlight was that Rob came home for 55 minutes! Yes, people, you read correctly! He came home while plane was refueling! Then he left again--this time to Maryland. The other highlight was that we had meatloaf and mashed potatoes! The triplets love this meal! Oh, and finally today during afternoon nap, I was able to wash all the Elmo chair covers and put them all together before the babies woke up! We now have 3 elmo chairs!! Double YAY!!
Last night as I went to bed, I realized how lucky I am every single day! I know it sounds very cliche but being a MOM is so special and being a MOM of multiples is even more so! I am in care of the most beautiful babies and some weeks are hard and some are even harder but I feel so incredibly blessed! In the middle of the night I woke up and went to check on babies! I watched them for about 10 mintues as they slept! I love them! I love them so much that I can barely express that love! My heart is filled with JOY and I went back to bed thanking God for making me a MOMMY!! Went back to bed and thankfully all slept until shortly after 7am!
Saturday Morning watching Sesame Street!!


sandy said...

Oh Nellie, what a week! I had my Mom over from Andalusia from Monday- Thurs and every time we went anywhere we first rode through the neighborhood looking for you and the peas! I never guessed you were over there alone going through all this without your Rob. He certainly is is a big help to you and I know you all missed him. Hope he gets a week or two vacation time to be home with ya'll after all that traveling. You amaze me. Such a great new Mama!

sandy said...

And don't forget to call me if you need a little help. I only had one son and thank God I had my parents nearby. They were such a help to me. Let me be help to you when you need it.