Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Morning

4/16: Daddy was gone for 9 days and for that effort he was given a 4 day pass! Wahoo! We decided to go to the beach for the weekend! Yesterday-Thursday-we spent the day catching up on housework, laundry, etc and Rob was able to mow and catch up with yard work! He also brought the RV home Wednesday and he spent the afternoon loading up and packing! So, this morning we are preparing for our FIRST beach trip. We are not going far. Panama City Beach, Florida, is about 75 miles. Since our babies were born on an island, Rob feels they should know the beach well. (We went to Bellows Beach when they were wee babies!) Yes, it is my fault. I have been overprotective of my little babies. The beach is windy and cold and last year they were simply too little. This year, it is inevitable! Rob has been crazy trying to get us to go to the beach! The babies enjoyed milk in bed while we packed up! They love being in our bed watching cartoons in the morning!

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