Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Playdate/BD Party

4/27: We made it to our playdate/BD Party! All three LOVE being outside!
Emily Matthew discovered this cool car first! It was a hit for all 3! They LOVED this car! We are going to start looking for 3 of these!!
Austin soon realized that Matty had a cool toy!
"Okay, brother, get in, I will drive!!"
"Gotta close the door!"
"You know....I'm not sure we both fit in here!!"
running around at the party!
Austin finally gets a turn!
but...as he is figuring things out....Emily sees the cool toy!
"move over, I want a ride too!"
They are never far apart from each other and Matty soon realized Austin and Emily were in the car and he had to get in on the action!
Remember the commercial where people stuffed themselves in a VW bug?? That's what this reminded me of...it was soooooo funny! These kids crack me up!!
The Boys enjoyed the sandbox!
Emily gets to ride the car on her own!!
Snack Time

They had a small bounce house. It was the first time for them to be in one of these and they were not comfortable in it at all!
Singing Happy Birthday to Katelyn
Yes, they all ate a cupcake...and yes, they all got messy!

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