Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BUMBO seats

9/30: Gifts are still coming!!! Rob and I are incredibly appreciative of all of our friends and family who support us with gracious gifts!!! (I am always excited to open boxes!!!) Today we got a HUGE box from TARGET. The Lemonds family, my boss Dave and his wife Kristen, sent us BUMBO seats!!! We got 2 blue and one pink one!!! Thanks Dave and Kristen!!! These are awesome!!!! We love them!!!
If you do not know what a bumbo is here is a quick explanation: The Bumbo Baby Seat is a snug and cozy environment for your baby. This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely designed according to the baby’s posture. The Bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves! Bumbo Baby Seats are suitable for babies from as soon as they can support their own heads unaided until they can get out of the seat on their own.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Change of Scenery but the sun was in my eyes and made it hard to smile!!

9/27: We are blown away that we are at 25 weeks! It is going so fast!! Overall, I feel great!!! Don't get me wrong it's not all roses...there is an awful lot of discomfort at this time. I still have to drink protein shakes every single day. Rob tries to make them different and he always tried to make me an awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner! I also have to take extra iron which if anyone knows---problems with digestion--know what I mean (hint: prunes!! Not pleasant!!) Sleeping is good but I do have to get up every hour. I get up---stretch my legs, straighten my hips, go pee, drink lots of water (I am always thirsty!) and then make sure I flip to the other side when getting in bed!! This is every hour on the hour!!! Crazy!!! Oh, and I almost forgot my fits of crying with overwhelming emotions every other day. Rob has gotten pretty good at reading me and now just turns and says do you need a hug!!! This is a big indication that I am having a mini-meltdown and need to shed some tears to regain balance!!! (I am not normally a weak and weepy person so this is very difficult for me!!) BUT--we have made it to 25 wks and are so thankful for all of you that read our blog, send kind comments, call, email, pray for us and always support us!!! Thank you for everything!!!
SAT NIGHT: we had our friends Steve and Issis and clan over for dinner. We had fajita night! The fajitas were really, really good!!! My honey sure can grill!!! After dinner we played our chicken train game (domino game) and I was trying to redeem myself from my frightful loss last SAT night. I almost won!! I actually had first place in the bag up until the last game where I ended up with too many points and I lost to Steve by 3 points!!! So, from fourth to second!! Not too bad! Rob was the big loser of the night!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kaiser Labor & Delivery Tour

9/26: Today we had our L&D tour. Our hospital has a new unit that just opened in July. We were very happy to go see the new 'digs'. As the tour started the tour guide turned to us and asked us if we were the ones with triplets. We said yes and she said that they were getting ready for us already!! We feel really good about this. She also said everyone recognizes our names at the hospital now!! Kind of cool BUT most importantly---they are working at getting everything ready for our delivery and that really puts us at peace!!! The L&D ward is really nice and now the whole experience is in a private room. The pre-delivery is Mauka side--means mountain--so all beautiful mountain views. The post-partum experience-great ocean views!! The tour guide was excellent!! As the tour was ending, Rob asked where the NICU was and she asked if we could stay a bit longer after the tour was done. So, she called up to the NICU and asked if we could tour it. So, we were able to tour it and see where our little ones will be spending their first few weeks of life!! The staff in the NICU was very informative and they too informed us that they are preparing their area for our three little ones!!! We were also able to see a tiny baby that was born at 22 wks and now is 24 wks! She was so small and all I could think of was---OMG I have 3 that same size in my belly right now!!! Quit scary!!! Overall, the experience was very, very good!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


9/25: Firstly, I have not blogged at all this week simply because there isn't much to tell. I am on house arrest and unlike Martha I didn't get a fancy foot bracelet. (although--that's probably a good thing!) Okay, the one exciting thing this week--all three babies kick like crazy all the time and it is clearly obvious that something is moving in my belly!!! So basically my day consists of: I rest, watch tv, read, check email, surf Craigslist, talk on the phone, eat, rest some more...etc. Not too exciting!!! Today, though we had our Perinatologist appt and that is an appt that we are always excited about because we get to see our little babies!!! We also get growth updates, etc. Our appt was GREAT and we got another A+!!! All three babies are doing FANTASTIC!!! Actually, the doctor was very impressed with our growth! The ultrasound was great but it is clear that the babies are fighting for space!!! So, here are our STATS for this period...they have really grown!!! I am carrying 5 lb 5 oz of baby weight!!!
Baby Boy A: 1 lb 11 oz, Baby Boy B: 1 lb 13 oz, Baby Girl: 1 lb 14 oz
And now, I would like to grace you with my BELLY---which continues to grow every single day!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


9/20: Today marks a very important milestone! We have reached our 24 WEEK mark which is considered the "viability" point. Babies that are born at 24 weeks will live, but roughly half would have some type of neurological problem or other long term issues---so of course we're praying that our babies keep cookin' as long as possible!!! Our next major milestone will be at 28 weeks. Our goal is 32 weeks!!! We are so thankful that we have reached this HUGE milestone without any kind of complications!!! This also marks the beginning of my restricted bed rest!!!! I am still not sure how I will survive this!!! I am trying to stay positive! As of now, the doctor says that I am only allowed to come downstairs once and back up in the evening! So, before I come downstairs for the day I need to make sure I will NOT need to go upstairs at all!!! My belly has gotten very heavy. It is harder to walk and stand for more than a few minutes at a time!!! Oh, I almost forgot---last night I had an ice cream sandwich and a few minutes after I ate it, Baby B starting moving and thumping my belly. I think he really appreciated the ice-cream--takes after Daddy. (well, it's either that or he's lactose intolerante and was complaining--but I would rather think he liked it) So, after many thumps I had Rob put his hand on my belly and for the FIRST time ever Rob FINALLY felt the KICKS!!!! Rob couldn't believe how hard they kick!!!
This morning we discovered that my car was vandalized last night! Two of my tires were slashed! It really is a horrible feeling to be vandalized and you truly do feel violated! Rob called the MP's and they showed up to make a report. At this time, we thought we were the only ones and that this was random but as we were giving our report 2 more people from down the block showed up with the same issue. The MP had to call for other officers to come out. Over all, 7 vehicles got vandalized! It truly is sad that some resort to this kind of 'fun'! I just don't understand it! We spent over an hour with the MP's and after--Rob got out his compressors to try to put air in the tires so we could drive the car to Firestone. One of the tires was not cooperating and he had to put the spare on...which of course was flat!! Can we get a break here??? After all of that, we were finally able to take the Honda to Firestone. I ended up driving the truck and following---BTW, this will probably be the last time I drive for a while!!! So, $170 later (tires were on sale!) we got the car back!!! What a horrible way to spend a SAT morning and a terrible way to spend $170 especially when my tires were new!!! Such is life! The Betts clan came over for dinner and Rob made Gyros!! The gyros meat was seasoned perfectly and the tzatziki he made was perfect as well!! We all really enjoyed dinner!! After dinner, we stayed out in the Lanai--really nice evening--and played Mexican Train or what I like to call chicken foot. I was the biggest loser with the most points but I had alot of fun!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Week in our Lives....

9/15: Exciting day today!!! Nani from the NEX called today!!! Our stroller FINALLY made it to the island and we can pick it up TODAY!! Needless to say, Rob said, "let's go get it!". We picked it up and were very excited to get it home and see what it looked like!!! Rob started putting it together and I was snapping pictures! He was 90% done when I realized something...the stroller is the wrong color!!! We are working with NEX to get this corrected!!! We didn't let this minor thing bring us down. We are still super excited and the stroller even though it's the wrong color...looks great! (The seats are the right color!!!)

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Today, I feel great! I got up early and started clearing the baby shower gifts. We now have shelves to put everything on and I am working at putting everything away. I want to clear our dining table so that I can put our FALL tablecloth on!! Yes, it's almost fall. I know in Hawaii that is hard to envision but I like FALL!!! I really did feel good all day today and I decided to make turkey chili and cornbread for dinner!!!
9/17: OB Appointment today! Everything went very well. My BP is great, my pee test was great and my weight was great!! Next appt in 2 wks with OB. I have to see OB every 2 wks now...We heard all three heartbeats today and it was great to hear our precious little babies!!!
9/18: Today we both had teeth cleanings!! How much fun can we pack in one week!!!
9/19: Great morning today! Rob cooked great scrambled eggs so I could get extra protein this morning. Issis came over and we sat outside chatting on the patio. She got to drink coffee...I haven't had coffee since FEB--nothing--not even decaf. I don't need the tease!! We then went to the case lot sale at the commissary. We were really hoping to get diapers! Unfortunately, they only had size 3, 4 and 5 on sale! We did stock up on paper towels and toilet paper! Rob went to return the stroller today. Peg Perego is sending a new stroller in the correct color! Issis kept me company while Rob went to the store---we always enjoy some "chisme" time alone without the boys!! (chisme is Spanish for gossip but we really are not gossiping just chatting!) I rested all afternoon. I was still a bit tired from all the activity yesterday! On a completely different subject...my Grandma is in the hospital. It is hard to hear news like this. She is feeling better but she is very fragile. Please keep her in your prayers!! And, the week comes to a close!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

and in the morning, we're making waffles!

9/14: So, last night when we were driving home from dinner, Rob says to me, "we are making waffles in the morning!". Reminded me of a favorite movie, Shrek...not that I'm comparing Rob to Donkey but it was funny!!


9/13: We are at 23 weeks!! I feel like my belly grows by the minute!!! Also, today, I could actually SEE the movements on my belly!!! So far, I had only felt the movements from the inside but today while I was just being quiet (rare moment) I felt a kick/movement and then I saw my belly jump!! It's pretty amazing!! Makes me get teary!! Today is Saturday and one of the last that I will actually be able to enjoy because I will be on restricted bed rest soon. So, we started the day early with Saturday garage sales. We don't normally buy too much but we like searching for hidden treasures!! The find of the day was for Rob. He found a Makita grinder whatever that means...(diamond blade- I hear that's important too)....and that it was a bargain at $30! I have no clue if that is a bargain or why we need a grinder but he was very happy to find it. I found a couple of Halloween items...yay, it's candy corn season and you better believe that there is a dish of it on our table already. (Covered dish---or the Hawaiian ants will invade us!) We met up with our friends Steve and Issis and their clan and enjoyed the morning!! We also had a beach day planned for today. It has been raining quite a bit and we were not sure if the beach thing would pan out but Rob assured us that it would. (secret life as a meterologist!) Anyway, so after garage sales we went home and everybody changed into bathing suits---including me! Yes, my first experience with a maternity bathing suit. FUN! Rob smiled when he saw me and said, "yep, no denying that you're pregnant!" Was that supposed to be funny? So, we headed to North Shore---destination, SUNSET BEACH. As we were driving up we had lots of rain. We almost turned around but Rob's nature would not allow us. I was laughing because as I said let's turn around because it was raining cats and dogs by now it started raining even harder but he said no....So, we continued on our way and low and behold as we neared the town of Haleiwa, it was not raining at all. Rob, of course, was smiling with the "I told you so eyes!". So, our first stop was in Haleiwa at Macky's Shrimp Truck. The best shrimp scampi!! So, good!!! Everyone enjoyed the shrimp and the kids enjoyed chasing the wild chickens in the area. We packed up again and headed North again! To our or MY surprise---nothing but sunshine!! So, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the beach with no sign of rain!! Rob was right!!! The Betts clan all enjoyed snorkeling and spending the day at the beach! The evening brought more entertainment as they had us over for dinner and Steve prepared his famous southwest eggrolls. They were yummy and I probably indulged in one too many but it was worth it!! Rob got his day's worth of exercise challenging Xander (6 years old) at Tennis, golf and baseball on the WII. Rob had a blast and now really wants a WII but I told him he will have to talk to SANTA about that!! The day came to a close and I was exhausted but happy that we had fit so much in one Saturday!!! What great fun we all had!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lack of Sleep and Lack of Energy

9/8: We had a pretty good Monday! Rob gets up every morning and brings me breakfast in bed. Nothing glamorous--my activia yogurt which I now have to eat to help with digestion, my V8 Fusion juice to provide a full serving of fruits and veggies and a piece of wheat toast. (More so now that I am taking extra iron pills!!) When Rob came home for lunch we unpacked all of our baby shower gifts. We are trying to inventory so we know what we still have to buy before the babies come. All the gifts were perfect!!! We also got many gifts cards on Sunday and we are using them to purchase Dr. Brown's bottles and preemie diapers!!! Overall, I feel great...very tired all the time! I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about my exhaustion. It really is beyond words. I don't complain because that is the only thing--nothing else--I feel great! Oh, the babies have dance marathons almost every night...usually around 3am!!! Look at all the goodies for the babies!!! Rob got a special gift today in the mail. My girlfriend Tiffiny sent him a DADDY SURVIVAL KIT. It is so cute and funny! It has a mask, plastic gloves, tylenol, instant coffee, hand sanitizer and other goodies in a "tool belt" of sorts----this will help Daddy survive changing poopie diapers!!! Rob loved it and thinks it's funny now...wait until he actually needs those gloves and mask!!!
9/9: okay, today I woke up feeling completely wiped out! I had a crappy night! Sleeping is getting more and more difficult. Finding a comfortable position is very hard!! So, I spent the better part of the day in bed trying to rest. Late afternoon we watched Xander, Stevie and Chancy while Steve and Issis went to a mandatory mtg! The kids were really good! We took them to the PX indoor playground. Oh, we also had Baskin Robbins! The ice-cream was yummy!! Tuesday is $1 scoops at B&R---who can pass that up????
9/10: Another difficult night but I am not going to bore you with that anymore. I think I might as well get used to the idea that all my nights are going to be difficult. Rob had homework to do today so I left him alone after he got home from work. Once his homework assignments were submitted we went to Walmart. We bought preemie diapers, lots of bottles (although we will need more but we bought all they had) and a few fleece blankets. We spent all of our gift card money and had lots of fun shopping!!! We ran a couple other errands and came home! Rob made us really good BLTs w/avocado for dinner. My sandwich was really good!!
9/11: It is a sad day remembering 9/11 seven years ago. I had just arrived for my first deployment in Kosovo. I actually flew on 9/9. I still remember the moment that I heard and the disbelief!! My prayers are with the families who lost a loved one! I listed to the news and cried a bit this morning for all the families! Such a sad historic event!
Rob was off today and I got a special breakfast of scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon and a slice of toast! Rob sure knows how to spoil me!! He actually brought his own breakfast upstairs and we were able to eat together. We ran a couple of errands before lunch today and came home and Rob started organizing our garage. We moved in mid-April and the garage was the only thing that did not get organized. We simply had not had a moment!!! Rob worked all day!! He cleared all the junk and got rid of the stuff that needed to go! I, of course, supervised. We want to make sure everything is organized before the babies come!!
9/12: I slept great last night!!! I actually slept ALL night!!! It was really nice to actually wake up feeling well rested!! We had another great day!! I can't believe another week is coming to an end!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bee Gees, 3 Blind Mice and Snap Krackle Pop

9/7: What do the Bee Gees, 3 Blind Mice and Snap Krackle Pop have in common? Groups of Three and BABY SHOWER GAMES!! It is the day of our Baby Shower----I have been waiting for this day for so long!! It's amazing how special this feels to me!!! I am not usually the kind of person that likes being the center of attention. I usually like being behind the scenes being the "director"!! In this case though, I don't feel that I am the center of attention---it's these three marvelous BABIES that we are awaiting that are stealing the show!!! I have been blessed with such great friends here in Hawaii! I do have to say that is one good thing that came out of Rob's deployment to Iraq---I met such an amazing group of fabulous ladies during the deployment that make me feel so incredibly blessed to have in my life!!! Firstly, I want to thank Toni--you are such an inspiration and a great friend!! Thank you for facilitating this great party!!! I know you had an amazing group helping you but I also know that you were the "ring leader"!! Words can not express the gratitude that Rob and I feel for your great and giving heart!!! To Cille, Shannon, Laura and Barbara---many thanks for everything you did!! From all of us--Thank you!!! To all of our friends who attended and helped make this party such a success---Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Lastly, to those who were unable to make it to the party thank you for your support and for sending goodies for the babies!!!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

BBQ Texas Style

9/6: We have had a busy Saturday!!! I don't have many Saturdays left where I can go shopping and carry about like I am not pregnant with Triplets!!! So, we are trying to make the best of them!!! Tonight we hosted a BBQ for our friends Steve and Issis who recently moved on island!!! Steve and Issis have been in our lives for over 10 years crisscrossing military paths every 2-3 yrs!! We all met in Germany, followed each other to Alabama and now Hawaii!!! We are very thrilled that they are now here in Hawaii!!! Issis made a special request for Rob's Ribs and everyone knows how Rob hates to grill!!! So, he made a double batch of baby back ribs--BBQ and Jerk Ribs---I don't have to tell you how GOOD they were!!! We had a great time!!! I do have to tell you something funny---by 9:15pm we were all pooped and the party ended early!!! Ten years ago---hmmm---the party would have gone all night! hehehe
Issis enjoying a cup of coffee!!

Steve and Chancy--Say Cheese!!!

Stevie---that would be super cheese!!!

This is how silly we get after ONE pina colada!!! Steve, Issis and Chancy!!


9/6: Wahoo!!! 22 Weeks and we are doing great!! Thank you Lord!!! We had appointments this week with both our doctors and got rave reviews!! We feel so blessed that our babies are all doing so well---as am I!! I still feel great and have limited energy but overall can still do everything as usual!!! I get tired very easily after walking but I consider myself so lucky that I am still able to do as much as I do!!! Here is my Saturday picture so you can see belly growth!! Remember---the babies have doubled in weight in the last 3 weeks!!!! (to date I have only gained 18 1/2 lbs!!!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Babies Growing FAST!

9/3: What a great morning we had! Rob is finally back!! We got up early and ate breakfast together. We got ready for our doctor's appt and went on our way! Doctor O was sick so we had a different perinatologist today. Doctor M was very good. The babies are all doing FANTASTIC!!! They were measured for progress and they all measured above average!! We are ecstatic! Their brains, bones, spines, and ventricles in their little hearts are all perfect!! Most importantly, in three weeks their weight DOUBLED!! It is amazing how much they have grown!! The doctor asked me to start taking extra iron and aside from that we just need to keep doing what we have been doing. It was a great appointment and we left the hospital with big smiles on our faces!!
BABY A: weighed in at 1 lb 0 oz
BABY B: weighed in at 1 lb 4 oz
BABY C: weighed in at 1 lb 2 oz
After we left the hospital, we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and ran into our friends Meegan and Jonathan. Happy Birthday Meegan!! So, we had a great lunch with great friends and it wasn't even planned!!!
I am thrilled that Rob is back! He is taking care of me and making sure that everything the doctor has ordered is done! He made me my protein shake today for my afternoon snack. (I still have to drink a protein shake every day for the extra protein for the babies!!) Of course, Rob fired up the grill tonight. He grilled chicken breasts and they were awesome!! I sure did miss his cooking while he was gone!!
9/5: We had our OB appt today. We heard all heartbeats!! They sounded amazing!!! Our OB is impressed with all of our progress and says we are doing great!!! We love getting A+ on our report cards!!! After our appt we went to visit our friends Steve and Issis. They just moved in to their house and Rob helped Steve with some things.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

9/1: It's going to be a BIG week!
Monday: It's Labor Day! A Big Happy Birthday to my Father in Law! Happy Birthday DAD!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
Tuesday: Rob comes home!! I am very excited! It feels like he has been gone forever...plus when he left I had no belly showing...even though he has seen pictures on the blog, I think he is going to be shocked!!! (Rob does not get in until very late Tuesday night.)
UPDATE: Rob made it home last night. It was almost midnight but he made it. I was so glad to see him and hug him and kiss him!!! We stayed up until after 2 talking and catching up with all that he missed!!
Wednesday: We will have a BIG appt with our Peri! We are always excited to see the babies on ultrasound and get growth updates!!
Friday: We have OB appt.
Sunday: BABY SHOWER!! I am so excited!!! I will not talk about it or I will get emotional and cry but I am thrilled and can't wait until Sunday!!!
Baby Updates: I am feeling the babies move much more! It feels like little spasms. It's kind of funny because usually the movements will start on the left with Baby A and then I guess Baby B doesn't like being pushed so he begins pushing and finally Baby C gets in on the action!! It all happens in a span of maybe 20-30 seconds....it really is thrilling to feel!!
I will keep you updated as the week progresses!! I hope everyone enjoys Labor Day!!