Saturday, September 6, 2008

BBQ Texas Style

9/6: We have had a busy Saturday!!! I don't have many Saturdays left where I can go shopping and carry about like I am not pregnant with Triplets!!! So, we are trying to make the best of them!!! Tonight we hosted a BBQ for our friends Steve and Issis who recently moved on island!!! Steve and Issis have been in our lives for over 10 years crisscrossing military paths every 2-3 yrs!! We all met in Germany, followed each other to Alabama and now Hawaii!!! We are very thrilled that they are now here in Hawaii!!! Issis made a special request for Rob's Ribs and everyone knows how Rob hates to grill!!! So, he made a double batch of baby back ribs--BBQ and Jerk Ribs---I don't have to tell you how GOOD they were!!! We had a great time!!! I do have to tell you something funny---by 9:15pm we were all pooped and the party ended early!!! Ten years ago---hmmm---the party would have gone all night! hehehe
Issis enjoying a cup of coffee!!

Steve and Chancy--Say Cheese!!!

Stevie---that would be super cheese!!!

This is how silly we get after ONE pina colada!!! Steve, Issis and Chancy!!

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