Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lack of Sleep and Lack of Energy

9/8: We had a pretty good Monday! Rob gets up every morning and brings me breakfast in bed. Nothing glamorous--my activia yogurt which I now have to eat to help with digestion, my V8 Fusion juice to provide a full serving of fruits and veggies and a piece of wheat toast. (More so now that I am taking extra iron pills!!) When Rob came home for lunch we unpacked all of our baby shower gifts. We are trying to inventory so we know what we still have to buy before the babies come. All the gifts were perfect!!! We also got many gifts cards on Sunday and we are using them to purchase Dr. Brown's bottles and preemie diapers!!! Overall, I feel great...very tired all the time! I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about my exhaustion. It really is beyond words. I don't complain because that is the only thing--nothing else--I feel great! Oh, the babies have dance marathons almost every night...usually around 3am!!! Look at all the goodies for the babies!!! Rob got a special gift today in the mail. My girlfriend Tiffiny sent him a DADDY SURVIVAL KIT. It is so cute and funny! It has a mask, plastic gloves, tylenol, instant coffee, hand sanitizer and other goodies in a "tool belt" of sorts----this will help Daddy survive changing poopie diapers!!! Rob loved it and thinks it's funny now...wait until he actually needs those gloves and mask!!!
9/9: okay, today I woke up feeling completely wiped out! I had a crappy night! Sleeping is getting more and more difficult. Finding a comfortable position is very hard!! So, I spent the better part of the day in bed trying to rest. Late afternoon we watched Xander, Stevie and Chancy while Steve and Issis went to a mandatory mtg! The kids were really good! We took them to the PX indoor playground. Oh, we also had Baskin Robbins! The ice-cream was yummy!! Tuesday is $1 scoops at B&R---who can pass that up????
9/10: Another difficult night but I am not going to bore you with that anymore. I think I might as well get used to the idea that all my nights are going to be difficult. Rob had homework to do today so I left him alone after he got home from work. Once his homework assignments were submitted we went to Walmart. We bought preemie diapers, lots of bottles (although we will need more but we bought all they had) and a few fleece blankets. We spent all of our gift card money and had lots of fun shopping!!! We ran a couple other errands and came home! Rob made us really good BLTs w/avocado for dinner. My sandwich was really good!!
9/11: It is a sad day remembering 9/11 seven years ago. I had just arrived for my first deployment in Kosovo. I actually flew on 9/9. I still remember the moment that I heard and the disbelief!! My prayers are with the families who lost a loved one! I listed to the news and cried a bit this morning for all the families! Such a sad historic event!
Rob was off today and I got a special breakfast of scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon and a slice of toast! Rob sure knows how to spoil me!! He actually brought his own breakfast upstairs and we were able to eat together. We ran a couple of errands before lunch today and came home and Rob started organizing our garage. We moved in mid-April and the garage was the only thing that did not get organized. We simply had not had a moment!!! Rob worked all day!! He cleared all the junk and got rid of the stuff that needed to go! I, of course, supervised. We want to make sure everything is organized before the babies come!!
9/12: I slept great last night!!! I actually slept ALL night!!! It was really nice to actually wake up feeling well rested!! We had another great day!! I can't believe another week is coming to an end!!!


Anonymous said...

Nellie have you tried a recliner chair for sleeping? Maybe there is a place you could rent one until the babies arrive. glad to hear you are eating healthy foods and Rob is taking such good care of you and the babes. Connie VH

Terelle said...

Wow you got lots of stuff... do you still need anything? I love the daddy diaper kit! :o)