Thursday, September 4, 2008

Babies Growing FAST!

9/3: What a great morning we had! Rob is finally back!! We got up early and ate breakfast together. We got ready for our doctor's appt and went on our way! Doctor O was sick so we had a different perinatologist today. Doctor M was very good. The babies are all doing FANTASTIC!!! They were measured for progress and they all measured above average!! We are ecstatic! Their brains, bones, spines, and ventricles in their little hearts are all perfect!! Most importantly, in three weeks their weight DOUBLED!! It is amazing how much they have grown!! The doctor asked me to start taking extra iron and aside from that we just need to keep doing what we have been doing. It was a great appointment and we left the hospital with big smiles on our faces!!
BABY A: weighed in at 1 lb 0 oz
BABY B: weighed in at 1 lb 4 oz
BABY C: weighed in at 1 lb 2 oz
After we left the hospital, we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and ran into our friends Meegan and Jonathan. Happy Birthday Meegan!! So, we had a great lunch with great friends and it wasn't even planned!!!
I am thrilled that Rob is back! He is taking care of me and making sure that everything the doctor has ordered is done! He made me my protein shake today for my afternoon snack. (I still have to drink a protein shake every day for the extra protein for the babies!!) Of course, Rob fired up the grill tonight. He grilled chicken breasts and they were awesome!! I sure did miss his cooking while he was gone!!
9/5: We had our OB appt today. We heard all heartbeats!! They sounded amazing!!! Our OB is impressed with all of our progress and says we are doing great!!! We love getting A+ on our report cards!!! After our appt we went to visit our friends Steve and Issis. They just moved in to their house and Rob helped Steve with some things.

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