Sunday, September 28, 2008


Change of Scenery but the sun was in my eyes and made it hard to smile!!

9/27: We are blown away that we are at 25 weeks! It is going so fast!! Overall, I feel great!!! Don't get me wrong it's not all roses...there is an awful lot of discomfort at this time. I still have to drink protein shakes every single day. Rob tries to make them different and he always tried to make me an awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner! I also have to take extra iron which if anyone knows---problems with digestion--know what I mean (hint: prunes!! Not pleasant!!) Sleeping is good but I do have to get up every hour. I get up---stretch my legs, straighten my hips, go pee, drink lots of water (I am always thirsty!) and then make sure I flip to the other side when getting in bed!! This is every hour on the hour!!! Crazy!!! Oh, and I almost forgot my fits of crying with overwhelming emotions every other day. Rob has gotten pretty good at reading me and now just turns and says do you need a hug!!! This is a big indication that I am having a mini-meltdown and need to shed some tears to regain balance!!! (I am not normally a weak and weepy person so this is very difficult for me!!) BUT--we have made it to 25 wks and are so thankful for all of you that read our blog, send kind comments, call, email, pray for us and always support us!!! Thank you for everything!!!
SAT NIGHT: we had our friends Steve and Issis and clan over for dinner. We had fajita night! The fajitas were really, really good!!! My honey sure can grill!!! After dinner we played our chicken train game (domino game) and I was trying to redeem myself from my frightful loss last SAT night. I almost won!! I actually had first place in the bag up until the last game where I ended up with too many points and I lost to Steve by 3 points!!! So, from fourth to second!! Not too bad! Rob was the big loser of the night!!!

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Maggie Roe said...

Mmmmm... fajitas. That might be what goes on our table for dinner tonight! Sounds yummy!