Sunday, September 21, 2008


9/20: Today marks a very important milestone! We have reached our 24 WEEK mark which is considered the "viability" point. Babies that are born at 24 weeks will live, but roughly half would have some type of neurological problem or other long term issues---so of course we're praying that our babies keep cookin' as long as possible!!! Our next major milestone will be at 28 weeks. Our goal is 32 weeks!!! We are so thankful that we have reached this HUGE milestone without any kind of complications!!! This also marks the beginning of my restricted bed rest!!!! I am still not sure how I will survive this!!! I am trying to stay positive! As of now, the doctor says that I am only allowed to come downstairs once and back up in the evening! So, before I come downstairs for the day I need to make sure I will NOT need to go upstairs at all!!! My belly has gotten very heavy. It is harder to walk and stand for more than a few minutes at a time!!! Oh, I almost forgot---last night I had an ice cream sandwich and a few minutes after I ate it, Baby B starting moving and thumping my belly. I think he really appreciated the ice-cream--takes after Daddy. (well, it's either that or he's lactose intolerante and was complaining--but I would rather think he liked it) So, after many thumps I had Rob put his hand on my belly and for the FIRST time ever Rob FINALLY felt the KICKS!!!! Rob couldn't believe how hard they kick!!!
This morning we discovered that my car was vandalized last night! Two of my tires were slashed! It really is a horrible feeling to be vandalized and you truly do feel violated! Rob called the MP's and they showed up to make a report. At this time, we thought we were the only ones and that this was random but as we were giving our report 2 more people from down the block showed up with the same issue. The MP had to call for other officers to come out. Over all, 7 vehicles got vandalized! It truly is sad that some resort to this kind of 'fun'! I just don't understand it! We spent over an hour with the MP's and after--Rob got out his compressors to try to put air in the tires so we could drive the car to Firestone. One of the tires was not cooperating and he had to put the spare on...which of course was flat!! Can we get a break here??? After all of that, we were finally able to take the Honda to Firestone. I ended up driving the truck and following---BTW, this will probably be the last time I drive for a while!!! So, $170 later (tires were on sale!) we got the car back!!! What a horrible way to spend a SAT morning and a terrible way to spend $170 especially when my tires were new!!! Such is life! The Betts clan came over for dinner and Rob made Gyros!! The gyros meat was seasoned perfectly and the tzatziki he made was perfect as well!! We all really enjoyed dinner!! After dinner, we stayed out in the Lanai--really nice evening--and played Mexican Train or what I like to call chicken foot. I was the biggest loser with the most points but I had alot of fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck in staying entertained during this time. I think of you, Rob and the babies often.
Connie VH

Anonymous said...

Wow that is great that you are doing so well. Sorry about the tires, we are replacing our mail box about once a year, same cause. Love the pictures will call soon.
BTW it is raining here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nellie!

Congrats on making it to 24 weeks. I turned 24 weeks on Sunday so we are just a day apart. I, though, am just carrying one! I can't even imagine how you are doing it with THREE! I am so happy for you guys!

I can't wait to follow along here and see how things are going. Jim felt our little one (boy) move the other night, too. In fact, he's going nuts right now. Could be the ice cold water I'm drinking.

Can't wait to check back in on you!