Thursday, September 25, 2008


9/25: Firstly, I have not blogged at all this week simply because there isn't much to tell. I am on house arrest and unlike Martha I didn't get a fancy foot bracelet. (although--that's probably a good thing!) Okay, the one exciting thing this week--all three babies kick like crazy all the time and it is clearly obvious that something is moving in my belly!!! So basically my day consists of: I rest, watch tv, read, check email, surf Craigslist, talk on the phone, eat, rest some more...etc. Not too exciting!!! Today, though we had our Perinatologist appt and that is an appt that we are always excited about because we get to see our little babies!!! We also get growth updates, etc. Our appt was GREAT and we got another A+!!! All three babies are doing FANTASTIC!!! Actually, the doctor was very impressed with our growth! The ultrasound was great but it is clear that the babies are fighting for space!!! So, here are our STATS for this period...they have really grown!!! I am carrying 5 lb 5 oz of baby weight!!!
Baby Boy A: 1 lb 11 oz, Baby Boy B: 1 lb 13 oz, Baby Girl: 1 lb 14 oz
And now, I would like to grace you with my BELLY---which continues to grow every single day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hurray! Look at those weights on the babies. Sorry about the hours arrest but it will be worth every minute. Hope Rob is making those protein shakes very tasty. Stay in touch and I love hearing about your days-----boring or not.
Connie VH