Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kaiser Labor & Delivery Tour

9/26: Today we had our L&D tour. Our hospital has a new unit that just opened in July. We were very happy to go see the new 'digs'. As the tour started the tour guide turned to us and asked us if we were the ones with triplets. We said yes and she said that they were getting ready for us already!! We feel really good about this. She also said everyone recognizes our names at the hospital now!! Kind of cool BUT most importantly---they are working at getting everything ready for our delivery and that really puts us at peace!!! The L&D ward is really nice and now the whole experience is in a private room. The pre-delivery is Mauka side--means mountain--so all beautiful mountain views. The post-partum experience-great ocean views!! The tour guide was excellent!! As the tour was ending, Rob asked where the NICU was and she asked if we could stay a bit longer after the tour was done. So, she called up to the NICU and asked if we could tour it. So, we were able to tour it and see where our little ones will be spending their first few weeks of life!! The staff in the NICU was very informative and they too informed us that they are preparing their area for our three little ones!!! We were also able to see a tiny baby that was born at 22 wks and now is 24 wks! She was so small and all I could think of was---OMG I have 3 that same size in my belly right now!!! Quit scary!!! Overall, the experience was very, very good!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I would feel very good knowing the hospital and staff is preparing for you and your wee ones even as you went on your tour. Hang on, have Faith and all will be fine. It sounds like you and Rob are doing well with all the changes. Rob gets A+ for the care and love he is giving you and the babies. (Don't tell but I did not eat prunes but they had me drink warm prune juice. Some how it tasted a bit better but not sure if you should do that.)

Maggie Roe said...

Wow... what a difference. Here in Atlanta it's nothing like that at all! Granted, I'm not having triplets, so it could be like that here if I were, but I'll never know! I'm thinking not, because a friend of mine had triplets and I don't think they rolled out the red carpet for them!

Glad to hear that all is going well. And glad that Rob is asking all of the right questions. Sounds like you two are really preparing yourselves for this long journey called parenthood!