Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Week in our Lives....

9/15: Exciting day today!!! Nani from the NEX called today!!! Our stroller FINALLY made it to the island and we can pick it up TODAY!! Needless to say, Rob said, "let's go get it!". We picked it up and were very excited to get it home and see what it looked like!!! Rob started putting it together and I was snapping pictures! He was 90% done when I realized something...the stroller is the wrong color!!! We are working with NEX to get this corrected!!! We didn't let this minor thing bring us down. We are still super excited and the stroller even though it's the wrong color...looks great! (The seats are the right color!!!)

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Today, I feel great! I got up early and started clearing the baby shower gifts. We now have shelves to put everything on and I am working at putting everything away. I want to clear our dining table so that I can put our FALL tablecloth on!! Yes, it's almost fall. I know in Hawaii that is hard to envision but I like FALL!!! I really did feel good all day today and I decided to make turkey chili and cornbread for dinner!!!
9/17: OB Appointment today! Everything went very well. My BP is great, my pee test was great and my weight was great!! Next appt in 2 wks with OB. I have to see OB every 2 wks now...We heard all three heartbeats today and it was great to hear our precious little babies!!!
9/18: Today we both had teeth cleanings!! How much fun can we pack in one week!!!
9/19: Great morning today! Rob cooked great scrambled eggs so I could get extra protein this morning. Issis came over and we sat outside chatting on the patio. She got to drink coffee...I haven't had coffee since FEB--nothing--not even decaf. I don't need the tease!! We then went to the case lot sale at the commissary. We were really hoping to get diapers! Unfortunately, they only had size 3, 4 and 5 on sale! We did stock up on paper towels and toilet paper! Rob went to return the stroller today. Peg Perego is sending a new stroller in the correct color! Issis kept me company while Rob went to the store---we always enjoy some "chisme" time alone without the boys!! (chisme is Spanish for gossip but we really are not gossiping just chatting!) I rested all afternoon. I was still a bit tired from all the activity yesterday! On a completely different subject...my Grandma is in the hospital. It is hard to hear news like this. She is feeling better but she is very fragile. Please keep her in your prayers!! And, the week comes to a close!!

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Tiffiny said...

This is awesome... almost made me cry!! WOW... that is some stroller! You will definitely need a van to fit it in ;)