Thursday, March 26, 2009


Nellie has updated some of the blog with LOTS of pictures. Please go back to JAN and FEB entries!

Just a few silly ones first:

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Have Made It to Alabama

3/15: Well, Rob and Nellie have arrived in Alabama! They are staying with us (Christy and Randy) until they find a house. All 5 of them are doing great and just trying to get into a routine with the 3 wonderful little peas. They had an appointment today and Matthew weighs 12.8lbs, Emily weighs 12.4lbs, and Austin weighs 11.0lbs. Nellie and Rob want to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers as they have started this new leg of their adventure. They had a great time in Texas visiting with Nellie's family and Rob's family. I only have a few pictures that I have taken since they got here but we will do our best to put more up over the next week...I will probably be returning for a little while as the surrogate blogger while Mom and Dad tend to their sweet children. I almost forgot, they are now 4 months and 12 days old!
Dad and Matthew
Randy and Austin
Randy and Austin

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Biloxi Bound

3/14 - We are headed to Alabama!! Our first stop will be Biloxi! We decided to break the trip in 2 and make a pit stop. It's different when you are traveling with triplets!! The trip went well and the babies did exceptionally well on the road. The last 45 minutes were difficult as they were tired!! We had booked a room at the Air Force Inn in Biloxi and it was really nice! Two bedroom suite!!!
We are ready to hit the road!

EmilyMatthewRob's truck with our new trailer. (We have too much stuff now!) Rob in front of the Air Force Inn in Biloxi

Friday, March 13, 2009

Visiting Aunt Peggy

3/13 - Today we headed to Taylor, Texas. Rob's Great Aunt Peggy really wanted to meet the babies! Rob's Grandmother has two sisters and we were blessed to be able to visit with both of them! Aunt Shirley we visited with in San Antonio. We know Nonnie would have love these babies.
Aunt Peggy with AustinAunt Peggy with EmilyAunt Peggy with MatthewEllie with Melanie and EmilyDad with Emily
Ellie with Austin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Birthday

03/11 - Today is my birthday! I am so blessed this day! I feel so happy! My Mom sent me a dozen yellow roses! Really beautiful! Gracias, Mama! Rob cooked brisket and it was so delicious! We even had the soft HEB white bread that brisket just tastes so good with!! Rob was out this morning and he came back with birthday cake also! It truly was a real celebration as this is my last birthday in the 30 something club!!! Our babies have just made this birthday truly amazing!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Anniversary

03/08 - Today we are blessed celebrating our 13 Year Anniversary!! So much has happened in those 13 years--some good, some bad but overall we are blessed to have each other!! Now, we have even more blessings with our 3 babies! We celebrated this day in San Antonio at Aunt Ginger's house. We had yummy BBQ from Bill Miller's!! My girlfriend, Marisa, from high school visited with her family! So, nice to visit with her!! She has a beautiful family--thanks for coming to meet the Peas! (I can't believe we didn't take pictures!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

San Antonio Bound

3/7 - Rob's family had been patiently waiting to meet the Peas! Aunt Ginger had a special Meet the Family Party for the Peas! We had such a great time this weekend! Everyone came over and enjoyed visiting with babies! It was amazing that everyone wanted to help so much! We did NOT have to change a single diaper all day! The food was great as well! Thanks for all the baby gifts that we received! Aunt Ginger, thank you for having us for the entire weekend! We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to many more visits!!!
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