Tuesday, May 4, 2010

18 Months

5/4: We are 18 months today! 18 months ago we were truly blessed with these beautiful babies-Austin, Matthew and Emily! It will always be the happiest day of our lives! Our babies have enriched our lives like nothing else could. It has been quite busy! Some days are a blur! Some ask me things and I simply don't remember because my brain is always so full! My heart is also full and I am truly a blessed woman! My life is not easy but it is always so amazing and sweet! I am so blessed with these vibrant, energetic and very healthy babies! For those of you that read our blog and pray for us, thank you!
Today we got Matthew's shoe inserts. He will have to wear shoes as much as possible to try to correct his feet! His shoes are a novelty right now and he loves to wear them!
Oh, last night I had a mini meltdown. Rob will be gone for 2 wks TDY starting on 17th! It is scary to think of two weeks alone! Two weeks is a long time! I know I will make it but it is still overwhelming! I am over the shock now! Please continue to pray for me!

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