Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Toy and Sick Babies

5/26: Yesterday morning I cleaned out our front closet! I actually found Allie's birthday gift for Austin, Matthew and Emily. In November, I put it away because the age on the box said 18 months+ and completely forgot about it! So, today I brought it out for them and they got a new toy! Thanks Jahn Family! They really are enjoying their gift!! Therapy with Kathryn
We had a rough night. Yesterday right before lunch Matthew felt a bit warm. I took his temperature and he was running 102.6 fever! I started him on Motrin. Later after therapy, Emily felt warm too. She was running 101.4 fever as well. I took Austin's temperature and he also had a fever. Oh, boy! The funny thing is that besides them being a bit clingy they were acting pretty normal and played well. They went to bed as usual and I got up every couple hours to check on them. At 2:30am, Matty felt really warm again so I woke him up and gave him Tylenol and brought him to bed with me so I could keep my eyes on him. This morning, Matthew and Emily had a fever again! It's just weird because they don't have any other symptoms. Gave them Tylenol and they have been better this afternoon! Rob comes home tomorrow! We will all be so happy to have Daddy home!! We sure have missed him!!
Emily at lunch today!

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Anonymous said...

Love Emily in the Buffalo hat! Is that one of the hats that your Mom sent? Too funny. Hope you all have a better night and that tomorrow the peas are all better for Daddy.