Saturday, May 8, 2010

To the Pool we Go!

5/8: Our friend Kathryn invited us to go to the her house today to introduce our babies to the pool! We are signed up for "swim" classes and they start on Monday. Actually, they are not swimming classes they are an Introduction to Water class. We have been signed up for this class for a few months. Kathryn has graciously volunteered to be our third Mommy! The requirements for the class is one adult per baby! We also found out that Rob will be leaving on the 17th so two of our neighbors have both volunteered to help out with the classes that Rob can not attend! It was really difficult to get three slots together so I hated to cancel. I am so appreciative to Sibel and Sandy for volunteering to help us!!
Austin splashing in the water!Dad with Matthew
Dad with Emily
Kathryn and EmilyKathryn and Matthew

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