Thursday, May 6, 2010

In The Bathtub

5/6: We have been bathing the babies in the kitchen sink for over a year! In the last month, we have been slowly trying to transition into the bathtub. This was easier said than done! It took many attempts to get everybody in and everybody happy! Austin is a pro! He loves the bathtub and now the first one we put in the bathtub. Matthew started loosing his fear this week! So, now he is enjoying it as well. Emily is a complete different story! It has been like trying to bathe a cat! She climbs on you so fast! The last two baths have been better though!! Actually, the bathtub is a bit more difficult for us because I can not bathe them by myself it is definitely a two-person job! While Rob is gone, I will have to figure something out. I can't bathe, dress babies and maintain a safe environment all at the same time! That is why we have taken so long to implement the bathtub!

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