Friday, May 14, 2010


5/14: Wow! I am amazed at how fast this week flew!! We had a busy week!

Monday we started our "Orientation to Water" class. We met Monday, Wednesday and Thursday! Austin is our little fish! He loves the water. After a few minutes in the water on Monday, the instructor came by to show how to blow bubbles. He observed her and tried to put his mouth in water to blow bubbles! He is very bright and observant! Matty and Emily were not quite ready to call water our friend! Last night was our third class and I am happy to say that both Matty and Emily are adapting to water! Thanks to Kathryn and Sibel for assisting with our classes this week!! Sadly, it was impossible to take pics! Maybe next week!!

Tuesday we had Speech Therapy. We are all still Speech and Language delayed but are progessing nicely! Our Therapist, Tara, does a wonderful job at keeping Austin, Matthew and Emily highly motivated!!

Wednesday we had our 18 Month Well Baby Check up! Our day started before 5am! Rob was in shower first! He had to leave house by 530 am met us at the clinic! I showered quickly. Emily and Austin have been waking up before 6am for over a week now and I wanted to make sure I was showered before they woke up! They woke up shortly before 6am and I fed them breakfast first, then changed them! We had to leave the house by 715am! I loaded everything in van and off we went! Our neighbor Sibel came with us! The day was long and hard for the babies. They each had to have 3 shots! (ouch) Emily also had her repeat hearing test and passed with flying colors! We will not have to repeat hearing test for a year!! Overall, our pediatrician said that the babies are all doing GREAT!!! We really are so blessed to have such healthy babies!!! Here are our STATS:

Head Circumference: 20.08 inches = 100%
Weight: 22 lbs 15 oz = 15%
Length: 32.25 inches = 45%

Head Circumference: 18.25 inches = 25%
Weight: 21 lbs 9 oz = 5%
Length: 31.25 inches = 15%

Head Circumference: 18.50 inches = 65%
Weight: 22.0 lbs = 20%
Length: 32.25 inches = 60%

Yesterday I had a couple appointments and Rob was able to come home a bit early for me to go to them. We also had swimming in the evening!

We have had a very busy and productive week!!

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Anonymous said...

The babies look wonderful!! I had to go back and read all your updates. Are you sure bathtub time is that dangerous? It looks like to me that very little water remains in the bathtub! I bet they love the splashing the best!! Keep up the awesome work mom and dad!!
Connie VH