Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Care Package

5/24: It's Monday! We had a nice weekend. Quiet and peaceful! I didn't go anywhere...just stayed home with the babies and enjoyed being with them! We played with blocks, trucks and watched Toy Story and Ice Age! This afternoon I got a package from my Mom. My Mom sends a gift box for the babies probably once a month! It's always full of goodies. This time, because we are going on vacation soon, she sent baby sunglasses and lots of hats! Austin, Matthew, and Emily LOVE wearing hats! She also sent a few outfits, bathing suits and even a few goodies for Mommy! I love getting packages!
Austin sporting his new hat and sunglasses!Emily put on her own hat and sunglasses!
I always wear my sunglasses on my head and guess what Emily was trying to do...Matthew with his new vacation hat and new sunglasses!
I like your hat!
We had swimming tonight! It's our last week of water class!! They all did amazing!! The boys are really kicking in the water now! It truly is amazing to see their progress! When we got home it was time for night time routine and off to bed promptly at 8:30pm!! I always go and check on them and I keep telling Rob that Emily sleeps hugging both stuffed toys. I haven't taken pictures for fear of waking them up but I just couldn't help it tonight. They are all so cute in their sleep!! Here is Emily with her Dr. Seuss Doll and her Easter Bunny-one under each arm!!

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Connie and Vern VH said...

Oh my! They have grown so much. I cannot believe it is almost a year since I saw them. I bet you could take tons of pictures and they will not wake up from sleep. Babies sleep through so much. No need to tiptoe. Have fun!!