Thursday, March 17, 2011

Potty Time

3/17: We sort of have started potty training! I say sort of because we had NOT officially started but I had bought an ELMO potty and placed it in the front bathroom. Matthew and Emily saw the Elmo potty and immediately knew what it was for...amazing! They are loving the Potty! Can't explain it!! So, at bath time, they always want to POO! "Mommy Poo" has become their favorite saying!! POO is standard for Potty! Anyway, we are working with it and so far, Emily and Matthew have successfully peed in the Potty! Austin, on occasion joins the Potty Party but he loves bath time more! We are on our way to Diaper freedom! Yay! When Emily goes potty she does the cutest Potty Dance! I promise to video soon and post!! Too, too cute!! They get one M&M as a reward and LOVE it!! So, now we have two pottys. One is Elmo and the other is a Frog. They love doing the Musical Potty and they keep switching over and over. Yes, it drives us crazy but we are trying to be patient! So, now, between baths and potty parties we have added 30 to 4o minutes to our night time routine! SIGH!

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