Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Roses and Balloons from Rob

23 JUL: Yesterday we found out that we are having TWO boys and ONE girl!!! Rob is ecstatic to say the least. Yes, the girls will be outnumbered. One of the first things Rob said to me when we were leaving the hospital was, "I have my hunting buddies!" I am happy to say the least. I spent the whole day smiling today!!! When I got home from work, to my surprise, I had ONE DOZEN RED ROSES waiting for me!!! Also, attached to the vase were three balloons---one said It's a GIRL! and two said It's a BOY!!! Rob is the greatest!!! He always find the perfect moment to surprise me!!! His card was so sweet too!!! I am blessed!!! Here are my baby flowers with balloons!!! I was trying to make sure that the balloons came out in the picture but was not very successful!!! Rob was just snapping away!! "click, click, click..."

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Connie and Vern VH said...

I see a sweet baby bump X3. What beautiful flowers you got Nellie. Lucky lady. Enjoy.
Connie VH