Thursday, February 7, 2008

Background Information

NOV 2005: We had our first in-vitro. Unfortunately, it was not successful. Very hard to think about now.
FEB 2006: We moved to Hawaii. Upon arriving we discovered that Rob would be deploying JUL 2006. We tried to see a doctor immediately but we just could not get it all in before he deployed. So, the baby making "scheme" was put on hold.
27 JUL 2006: Rob was deployed for a very long 15 months!
OCT 2007: Rob returns from Iraq. We immediately started consulting with our doctor!
NOV 2007: Our Second In-vitro. Right before New Year's Eve, the test came back---negative. I was in shock! I just did not want to believe that we had failed at this again. We had implanted 3 very good and healthy embryos!! I was in a slump for a few weeks but knew that I had to snap out of it. The doctor told us that my body had to recover from all the fertility drugs for a few months before we tried again.
FEB 2008: We went on vacation to Montana and Texas. We both needed a break.
MAR 2008: Start preparing for our 3rd in-vitro.

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