Friday, November 28, 2008

Triplets, 24 Days Old

11/28: Pretty uneventful day at the hospital. We were present today as the doctor examined Austin, Matthew and Emily. The doctor is still a bit concerned with Austin and his labored breathing so he has decided to put him on "vaportherm". Vaportherm is almost the same as the breathing therapy he is on now but with vaportherm it is a warm mist that will be mixed with room air. This should help him a bit more. My little Austin just needs a bit more attention and care! I spent the morning carrying and loving on him and giving him extra Mommy love because I think he really needs it--not that I neglect my Matthew and Emily! They get good Mommy time as well!! Matthew passed Emily in weight! Way to go Matthew!! He was our smallest baby and now he is our heaviest!!
Important Updates:
Austin weighs 4 lbs 1 oz (1852 grams)
Matthew weighs 4 lbs 5 oz (1966 grams)
Emily weighs 4 lbs 5 oz (1953 grams)

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