Sunday, November 16, 2008

Triplets, 12 Days Old

11/16: We left yesterday with Emily and Austin sharing their incubator but when we arrived this morning they were separated and Emily was back to her own islet! We were so sad and then we see that Austin is back on CPAP!! I was so incredibly sad for my little one. CPAP is this contraption that has tubes attached to his little nose--pressing hard---to help move air into his lungs! I know it is good for him but it sure does look very bothersome! Austin cried and was disturbed by it! It made my heart hurt! We spoke to the doctor who told us it would only be for 24 hours! They want to make sure he gets the help he needs! I know all this but it is still very hard to see! Emily is doing great and probably happy to be alone again--she was stretched out!!!Matthew also continues doing well and is off the canula--breathing tubes in his nose (YAY)!!! We are so proud of all the progress in our little ones!!!

Austin on CPAP! Broke our hearts to see him on this again!!! See his little nose and eyes all pressed?? Matthew just chilling today!!! Not sure if she is missing brother! She looks too relaxed!! She is also learning how to keep the pacifier. Isn't she cute??

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