Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Triplets, 6 Days Old

11/10: Monday - I woke up feeling okay. I pumped and showered. Shortly after showering my headache returned. I have had a headache since being discharged from the hospital only this time the headache was 10X worse. The only relief came when I kept my head down on the pillow. Rob called the doctor and the nurse spoke with me and got my full symptoms. She advised me that this was not related to my incision BUT instead my anesthesia-my spinal tap! She told me I had a spinal headache and that I needed to speak to an anesthesiologist and that she would make arrangements and would call me back. The nurse called me back and advised me to go to the hospital--she made an appt at 10am. When we arrived at the hospital they immediately took me in and the doctor consulted with us. He told us that I had a spinal headache and that spinal fluid was leaking...yea, scary. Two solutions: ride out the headaches which are excruciating and could last between 1, 2 or 3 weeks or even more...and could get worse!!! OR have an epidural blood patch. So, basically, another epidural only this time they would inject about a teaspoon of my own blood in my back so that the small little hole where the spinal fluid leakage was occurring would be filled!! We chose to do the blood patch...so they immediately took me in and started IVs!! Not fun!!! The procedure took about 3o min and then I had to stay laying down for one hour. After one hour---viola--headache gone and now I only have to worry about mild back pain for the next few days!!! GEEZ!!! So, we went to the NICU and spend a short amount of time with the babies and then I had to come home as I was not doing well at all!!!! Keep us in prayer!!! The babies were all doing well and that made me extremely happy!!!
Thanksgiving: Today we celebrated Thanksgiving! This had been planned and the turkey had been unthawed before my "spinal" issues emerged!! So, before we left for the hospital Rob put the turkey in the oven and then called Steve and Issis for them to come over and take care of the turkey and sides for our Thanksgiving dinner. Why so early? Well, our best friend Steve will be leaving for deployment to Iraq in the next few days. He will be missing Thanksgiving. (The Army has a way to always send loved ones right before BIG holidays!!) So, we had Thanksgiving early and it was wonderful!! As for me, thank goodness the doctor sent me home with pain meds and more percacet!!! Enjoy our pics!!
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