Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Triplets, 21 Days Old

Our 3 Peas (Emily on left, Matthew in Middle and Austin on right)The boys!EmilyMom with Austin
Mom with Matthew

11/25: Our Babies are 3 weeks old today! It truly is amazing how fast time is flying! In some way it feels like time is still but in another way it really is flying! Austin is still using his canula to give him extra air-(It isn't oxygen just room air.) He also passed his hearing test today! Overall, he is doing well and caught up to 'little brother' and 'little sister' and broke 4 lbs today!!! Matthew is also doing very well. He looks great and was awake a long time today! Emily is growing and growing! We are so proud of all our babies! Today, they started bottle feeding them every other feeding. They don't want to do every feeding because it really does take alot of energy for them to nipple and while we were there I was able to 'suckle' the babies--put babies to breast. They can't exactly latch on but for maybe 2-4 min but it helps them to get used to Mommy's breast! It also is supposed to help release prolactin which will help my milk production. They all did wonderful-remember in order for them to bottle feed they have to be awake! Today we also got results from their "newborn" tests-the 24 tests they are tested for upon birth and all tests were negative!! So, we have perfectly normal babies...BUT of course, we already knew that!
Happy Thoughts: Today Auntie Meegan came to visit! She came and brought gifts and her little sister to meet the babies!! Thanks for visiting Auntie Meegan!
Important Updates:
Austin weighs 4 lbs o oz
Matthew weighs 4 lbs 1 oz
Emily weighs 4 lbs 2 oz

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Anonymous said...

Wow, how wonderful to get all that great news. Hang on to that time. It goes so quickly. I still cannot believe Christy is 27 almost 28 and Brian is 33 almost 34.
Connie VH