Monday, November 24, 2008

Triplets, 20 Days Old

11/24: Today was pretty uneventful. Austin, Matthew and Emily look fantastic! They really are growing every single day! Big News of the Day is that Matthew caught up with Sister Emily and is also 4 lbs!! Yay!! Austin will surely be 4 lbs tomorrow!!! I am so proud of my little ones for eating so well and gaining weight!!!
Important Updates:
Austin weighs 3 lbs 15 oz
Matthew weighs 4 lbz 0 oz
Emily weighs 4 lbs 3/4 oz


Anonymous said...

So you know, Lydia's dental surgery went well and she is doing just fine. She is having a tough time over the loss of Muffy, their dog. Connie VH

Anonymous said...

We just had to check in on the sweet babies today. It was on Lydia's top ten list tonight when the meds had finally wore off and she woke.

Uneventful is good when it comes to NICU babies so we celebrate another great day with you. Our prayers continue to flood the heavens for your sweet little family.

Blessing to you!

The Kim's
Calvin, Brenda, & Lydia