Friday, November 14, 2008

Triplets, 10 Days Old

Mom and Dad holding Austin and Emily. Dad is holding Emily and Mom is holding Austin. Austin

Matthew Emily11/14: I started blogging again! I really do enjoy blogging and sharing our experiences. I feel better and am slowly feeling my body recovering. My incision seems to be healing but it still hurts!! (It hurts below and above the incision.) I am taking percocet every 4 hours, antibiotics every 6 hrs and motrin 800 every 8 hrs. I am hoping that I can stop taking these pills soon. Plus, I am pumping every 3 hrs and don't even get me started on that pain!!! Don't get me wrong--I feel so happy that I am able to produce milk for my little babies!! Anyway, let me share updates. We made it to Friday and I have to say that this week just went by so quickly!! Every day is such a pleasure to go to the hospital and see how Austin, Matthew and Emily are doing! I would like to say that it gets easier every day but it doesn't. I hurt every time I leave the hospital. I just want to stay and hold my babies!! I know that they have the best care! Our nurses and doctors are so amazing and so caring. You can feel their love and devotion to what they do! We are blessed to have such an amazing team taking care of our little ones!! Today we met with the dietician. She explained that the babies weight, head circumference and body length is all on track with the national average of singleton babies. The fact that they are on track and are triplets is pretty amazing!!! She is happy that I am producing enough milk for all three babies!!
Important Updates:
Austin weighed 3 lbs 4 oz today. He is eating 24 mls every 3 hours! His IV came out today!
Matthew weighed 3 lbs 2 oz today. He is also eating 24 mls every 3 hours. Matthew has been having trouble taking deep breaths. The Respiratory Therapist decided to give him assistance and he was put on a "canula"--little tubes in his little nose. They are giving him extra air but not oxygen! Just so he doesn't have to work hard at taking deep breaths.
Emily weighed 3 lbs 10 1/2 oz. She is doing amazing as far as weight goes!! She is eating 18 mls. Her IV came out today. This was happening when we arrived! I could not watch!!
All three babies spent a good amount of time awake while we were visiting. They are just so amazing!!! I can't tell you how much in love I am with these three little ones!!


Anonymous said...

Whoopeee!! What a great day. I am amazed to hear how well they are all doing. Man, Nellie you took such good care of those babes as you carried them. All that time Rob was practicing his daddy skills by caring for you. Awesome team you two make. Cannot wait till I get to meet the 5 of you and play and play with the babes.
Connie VH

Tiffiny said...

I love love love the pictures you posted today of them holding hands!!! Oh my goooosh!! I want to frame them!!!
I love you,